NBA – Wembanyama and Trae Young soon to be associated? The huge cold shower in the backrest!

NBA stars Trae Young (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)
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With the Hawks having the top pick in the upcoming draft, it makes sense to wonder about Trae Young’s future. And if the Spurs were mentioned as a potential destination, this rumor quickly took a turn for the worse.

Where will Trae Young play next season?

Very difficult to know today and for good reason, the player and the Hawks will discuss in the coming days to take stock.

The organization finds itself in a difficult situation in the East, with a roster that is too weak to hope to fight for the title.

But this is where the first pick in the draft changes a lot of things for managers.

Two possibilities for the front office at this stage: use this pick to attract a young quality player, like the French Alexandre Sarr for example, or get rid of this first choice to recover a star in order to provide help to Young and Dejounte Murray.

This duo having shown significant shortcomings in recent months, the second option remains unlikely.

New big rumor about Trae Young’s future

This is why Young, determined to win this title, could jump ship during the summer. Victor Wembanyama’s Spurs have logically been mentioned in recent months, with Wemby intrigued according to some sources by this duo. However, insider Jake Fischer claims that the Texas franchise is actually not very interested in the number 11.

The Spurs have “little interest” in acquiring Trae Young, according to Jake Fischer.

“Any plan involving a move to send Young to San Antonio was grossly overstated, according to multiple people with knowledge of the situation.

The Spurs, according to sources, have expressed little interest in obtaining Young thus far. »

And for good reason, Trae will be very difficult to obtain, even if the Hawks decide to sell him during the summer.

This is due to a fairly demanding request from his team, which will ask for at least one young player and several first draft rounds in exchange. Unlikely Spurs will agree to pay that much.

Trae Young to Spurs with Victor Wembanyama? It obviously remains possible, but the consideration requested by the Hawks will undoubtedly be a hindrance in the negotiations. Fortunately, other teams will have interest.

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