NBA – Wembanyama associated with… Steph Curry? The astonishing rumor after the elimination of the Warriors!

Steph Curry and Victor Wembanyama
NBA (DR) / Spurs (DR)

Steph Curry is understandably disappointed with the Warriors’ elimination this week after a loss against the Kings. About to leave? If so, Spurs won’t be far away, at least according to a few bookmakers.

The seasons follow one another and are similar for the Warriors, who have a series of fiascos in the Western Conference.

The franchise is losing momentum with a disappointing Klay Thompson, a Draymond Green who brings a lot of problems and a fairly weak interior sector.

We could even discuss the case of Steve Kerr, far from unanimously agreeing with his choices.

In the end, the Dubs won’t even see the color of the playoffs this year, which says a lot about the state of the organization.

We are already expecting changes behind the scenes for this summer with the possible departure of Klay Thompson, who will test the market according to Shams Charania .

But we can also wonder if a Steph Curry would be open to a departure.

Steph Curry ready to leave the Warriors?

His trade seems almost impossible and yet there is no denying the fact that the point guard must be disappointed right now.

The Warriors are no longer moving forward and the front office’s decisions are disappointing

. Bookmakers are therefore preparing for the possibility of a departure, with Spurs favored to accommodate him if the opportunity presents itself.

“The Spurs are the favorites to welcome Steph Curry if he does not return to the Warriors according to a known bookmaker. »

Behind the Spurs, we also find the Hornets, Mavericks and Celtics. Curry’s departure seems unlikely but the failures continue at the Warriors and the star put the first pressure on him at a press conference .

It is clear that Baby Face is expecting changes to the squad.

Steph Curry with Victor Wembanyama? It’s possible according to the bookmakers, at least if the leader decides to jump ship.

We are far from it, but be careful not to test the star’s patience in Golden State either. The current system clearly no longer works.

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