NBA – Wembanyama DPOY? An old cash: “Rudy Gobert could not…

French NBA interiors Victor Wembanyama (left) and Rudy Gobert (right)

Already considered the favorite for the title of rookie of the year, Victor Wembanyama could achieve a double success with the DPOY, ahead of Rudy Gobert or Anthony Davis. An elder even thinks that it would be normal.

The end of the regular season is approaching and it will soon be time for journalists to vote for individual trophies.

If the rookie of the year is now obvious, this is not the case for the DPOY, or even the MVP. Competition exists and voters will have to make a choice.

For defender of the year, Rudy Gobert seems to have a head start, but some are starting to change their minds.

Behind the scenes, it is said that a few people have already planned to vote Wembanyama number 1.

That does not mean that it will be enough to do better than Gobert, but the impact of the Frenchman at Spurs has been noted in recent months.

The fact is that Wemby changes the situation, like his 3.5 blocks, or because he has one of the best defensive ratings in the NBA.

Wembanyama soon DPOY?

That would obviously be an achievement, although Spurs’ record doesn’t work in their favor.

This therefore deserves to raise a question: should Wembanyama be penalized for the performance of his other teammates, especially when he is on the bench?

Illogical for many. This is the case of former player Dennis Scott, who gives his opinion on NBA TV.

Dennis Scott on Victor Wembanyama in DPOY : “For everyone with a vote, listen up. It’s not Wembanyama’s fault that Spurs are bad.

It’s not his fault he’s the first pick in the draft, but he’s so strong. So why are we penalizing him for only having 18 wins? »

“Rudy Gobert wouldn’t be able to score at all if he was open all night, but he knows how to defend.

But he’s on a winning team that has superheroes, including Ant-Man (Anthony Edwards). (…) I understand that winning is important, but don’t penalize Wemby for his efforts and because he plays well every night… on a bad team. It’s not all his fault. »

There are obviously some interesting arguments here, including the fact that perhaps the balance sheet shouldn’t be as big when it comes to the Defender of the Year award.

Rudy Gobert is certainly not the only one responsible for the Wolves’ record, just as Wembanyama cannot be the only one to blame for this collective record at the Spurs.

For Dennis Scott, Victor Wembanyama deserves the title of defender of the year, and regardless of Spurs’ record.

It’s difficult to blame the Frenchman in this context, especially when the statistics clearly go in his direction.

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