NBA – With his back against the wall, a Lakers star ignites and entertains the web: “We are going…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA stars LeBron James (left) and D'Angelo Russell (right)

Despite the Lakers’ situation, don’t count on the players to give up.

D’Angelo Russell is convinced that the Angelinos will bounce back, and he dropped a big statement on this subject.

The Lakers come home in this first round of the playoffs in a difficult situation.

As many fans suspected, the franchise is led 0-2 by the Nuggets and must absolutely not lose this Game 3, at the risk of taking another sweep.

The Angelinos are counting on the support of the public, like D’Angelo Russell who is always very motivated.

The Lakers with revenge before Game 3

Discreet in Game 1 and much better in Game 2, it’s time to strike hard for DLo, just to prove that he deserves his salary and avoid further criticism.

On his Discord, he published a few messages this Tuesday, affirming that the Purple and Gold could still reverse the trend. The Nuggets have been warned.

D’Angelo Russell : “We’re still going to win. Don’t let us go. »

A strong statement at 0-2 against the Nuggets and Nikola Jokic in great form, just like Jamal Murray. And so much the better

. After all, and if the Lakers already give up after two short games, the rest of this series could be very sad. For fans of suspense, a victory in Game 3 seems obligatory in any case.

This is going to age very badly lmao

I laughed

Despite the two defeats, D’Angelo Russell is convinced that the Lakers will succeed in overthrowing the Nuggets, especially with these two games at home. We will have to take responsibility on the floor from now on.

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