“Not a strike against Steph”: Paul Pierce sp:its in:su:lt:s at Stephen Curry and Chris Paul for allowing Draymond Green to go on a rampage

"Not a Knock Against Steph": Paul Pierce Blames Stephen Curry and Chris Paul For Allowing Draymond Green to Run Rampant
Draymond Green recently received the fourth ejection of this season, during the game against the Magic.

Even though Green’s ejection is debatable, as many believe it to be the refs’ fault, people are pointing fingers at Stephen Curry and Chris Paul as they could not keep their players in check.

Recently, Paul Pierce, on the ‘UNDISPUTED‘ show, talked about the Warriors star and exploredaccountability on the Warriors team.

Pierce believed that as senior players and players who are also widely respected, the onus of keeping Green under control for the team falls on the likes of Steph and CP3.

The Celtics legend said that Steph is the person Green “respects” the most, if he intervenes and tries to calm him down, it might work. He said,

“This is not a knock against Steph Curry, his leadership,” but he should have tried to stop Green after he received the first technical within the first few minutes of the game.


Pierce said that Chris Paul should also be responsible for these things on the court as he has been a leader in the NBA for a long time. Another issue that Pierce has with this team is a lack of accountability. He said,

“These guys gotta show, and hold each other accountable.

You know Draymond, you know how he is, you can help him out. If not, he will keep going.”

 Pierce said that if the Warriors star doesn’t get his act together, the team will suffer bigger losses in the future.

Even though the Truth questioned Steph’s decision-making at the moment, HC Kerr defended the sharpshooter after the game.

Steve Kerr defended Stephen Curry and his leadership

It’s a no-brainer that this is Steph’s team, if they win, his reputation will benefit the most and if they lose, he will be the one people will question.

That is exactly what’s happening with him after Green’s recent outburst on the court within the first few minutes of playing.

While everyone is looking for an opportunity to hold Steph accountable for all of it, coach Steve Kerr doesn’t believe that Steph needs to babysit one of his players to keep this team together.

During a recent appearance on the ‘95.7 The Game’ radio station, Kerr said, “Draymond knows he’s a grown man.

He’s got to handle his own business. Any mention of Steph being culpable is just ridiculous.

The way Steph has carried our franchise represented our franchise for 15 years. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Even though Kerr is against handing all the responsibility to Steph, it isn’t a bad proposal because Green respects his teammate like his brother.

And in the heat of the moment, if Curry could control the veteran forward, it would save them the trouble of playing without Green.

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