Olympics Debutant Stephen Curry Had No Regrets Ditching LeBron James & Team USA Twice: “Wasn’t The Right Thing”

While the NBA playoffs take up a huge chunk of the world’s attention, there is no denying that the 2024 Paris Olympics are very much present in everyone’s mind. There are a number of factors that make this year’s Olympics exciting for basketball lovers.

The fact that this could be LeBron James’ final attendance and just the players that make up the ‘Avengers’ is in itself reason enough to keep ears open for any news of the same.

And on that note, the presence of Stephen Curry among the players has also been a major driving force.

Why, you ask? The same reason that Steph withdrew from participating in the Olympics twice. The first was during the Rio Olympics (2016) and the second, Tokyo Olympics (2021).

urry has a stacked resume, but the one area where the Warriors superstar has yet to make a debut is the Olympics. Not for the lack of opportunity, mind you. Rather, it was a choice that Curry as a player and father took.

And he has no regret whatsoever about those decisions. “I’m very confident in that decision. No regrets at all,” he had said to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner in 2021.

The then-father of three was taking part in the American Century Championship golf tournament when he cited his reasons.

The COVID-19 protocols, condensed schedules, and the toll of playing these games during a global pandemic all proved too much for the 4x champion.


“It was a hard decision,” Steph admitted. “[But] being here I’m playing golf, having fun with my family. And that’s a personal thing…

And getting ready for next season, relatively quick turnaround is [also] important to me and I have a plan of how to do that and get ready for when training camp starts.”

Knee and ankle injuries had become the villains during the Rio Olympics.

But he was wise enough to look at the bigger picture

And it was his NBA career and prioritizing health. But like Stephen Curry also pointed out, as athletes, there will always be the “itch” to play in big stages like the Olympics.

Stephen Curry gets to scratch the “itch” this year

With 11 of the Final 12 players for the Team USA announced, Curry will finally make his eagerly anticipated debut. T

he Avengers roster is filled to the brim with insane talents! From veterans to rising players, this year’s basketball team representing the States will be nothing less than spectacular.

They will be battling for their fifth straight gold medal.

Well, this is a good time as any for Stephen Curry to check the Olympics off his list.

He will soon be busy with the Curry family’s fourth and final baby. Not to mention, the Warriors are on shaky ground.

No doubt post this season, there will have to be some important discussions to be had and serious decisions to be taken.

So, he might as well finish the 2023-24 season with a bang!

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