Once again, Jennifer Aniston made netizens excited when she changed her hairstyle, making us nostalgic for the 90s, no matter what style she wears it is “Beautiful”.

Jennifer Aniston with long highlighted blonde hair.


It’s easy to make the argument that celebrities are cultural icons. But Jennifer Aniston’s hair has made so many headlines—and inspired so many haircuts—that it’s become a cultural icon in itself.

When Aniston starred on the ’90s sitcom Friends, her Rachel Green layered bob was so popular everyone referred to it on a first-name basis.

Since then, an estimated 11 million fans have flooded salons, asking for “the Rachel.” And even after her stint on Friends, Aniston has continued to deliver stunning hair moments.

Until just recently, Aniston was known for her long layered hair and her signature blonde highlights.

The hairstyle was very beachy and very 2000s—a big departure from her short ’90s hair.

While the classic hairstyle has long been the staple of Aniston’s look, the actress has continued to experiment with different hairstyles throughout the years. She’s donned side bangs, sleek bobs, and indie sleaze curls.

At one point, she event went on record saying how much she despised her Rachel Green bob—so it’s little surprise she’s wanted to break free from the hairstyle and try new cuts.

But, in one of her most shocking hair transformations to date, Jennifer Aniston has decided to bring back her Rachel Green bob.

She debuted her shorter hair at the 2024 Golden Globes—and then cut her hair even shorter for the 2024 SAG Awards.

Aniston most recently appeared on the cover of People sporting the new haircut: a shoulder-length bob with layers and her signature blonde highlights.

It’s been years since we’ve seen Aniston with short hair. (She hasn’t sported a bob since the early aughts.) So her Rachel Green hair transformation has fans feeling nostalgic for the ’90s.

Although we’ll always love the original “Rachel” bob, Aniston’s new haircut feels like an elevated, modern version of it.

Her shoulder-length hair symbolizes a new era, one where she is reclaiming the “Rachel” bob as her own.

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