Report: Los Angeles Lakers Willing to Draft Bronny James in Effort to Retain LeBron James on Team

LeBron James, Bronny JamesLeBron James, Bronny James (Image source Getty Images)

During a recent episode of ‘Pat McAfee Show,’ Pat McAfee interviewed Shams Charania, an NBA insider and analyst for “The Athletic,” to get an update on LeBron James and his son Bronny James.

Charania revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers star player will play for two more seasons and that the Lakers will extend his contract.

Additionally, he mentioned that James is interested in having his son, Bronny James, join the same team as him.

“LeBron James still, from everything I hear, wants to play up to two more NBA seasons. The assumption around the league, and obviously, the Lakers want to bring him back.

The Lakers want to be in a position where if it is drafting Bronny in the second round, they do have interest in bringing Bronny James in as a draft pick.

Bronny James is going to start his process at some point here, Either before the draft combine next week in Chicago to go work out for teams or after the draft combine, but he has to get full clearance to work out

. Obviously, he had a heart incident before his USC tenure last summer.

So Bronny James is getting back on the court; we’ll see where he ends up in the draft.” Shams Charania said.

What next for LeBron James?

LeBron James has had a successful career with numerous accomplishments. Despite his team’s efforts, they were eliminated in the second round of playoffs this season.

LeBron James has expressed his wish to play alongside his son, Bronny James before he retires from basketball. Fans are curious about his future plans and whether he will continue playing for the Lakers or join another team.

Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest while playing last year, which took a long time for him to recover from.

The Lakers aim to improve their team for the next season by making strict decisions, including firing all their coaching staff, including Darvin Ham, the head coach.

There is still a search for a new head coach ongoing, and NBA analysts are debating who would be the best candidate for the position.

If Bronny joins the Lakers, the father-son duo could dominate the court alongside Anthony Davis, fulfilling James’ long-term wish.

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