Revealing Stephen Curry’s exercises and workout routine to train like an NBA champion

Discover the Stephen Curry workout regime, diet plan, and lifestyle choices that have helped this basketball champion to embark on a successful career.

The Stephen Curry workout routine has been one of the major keys to his ever-growing success, both on and off the court.

Behind his remarkable performance and immense popularity in the sporting realm is his dedication, hard work, and persistent effort toward his passion.

His sheer discipline when it comes to workout routines, diet, and a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to all individuals aspiring for a career like the one this multi-millionaire athlete has.

Known for his exceptional three-point shooting and dynamic court presence, Curry’s dynamic workout regime includes both strength and conditioning exercises that enhance his performance and ability.

He also dedicates ample time to mental conditioning by carrying out specialized drills like neurocognitive exercises that help in sharpening his focus and mental strength.

So through this article, let us take inspiration from how he relentlessly pushes his limits to maintain his peak physical condition.

Who is Stephen Curry?

Wardell Stephen Curry II, commonly known as Stephen Curry or Steph is a professional basketball player born on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio, U.S.A.

Son of the veteran sharpshooter Dell Curry, Steph was introduced to the sport at a very young age.

However, his early interest and knowledge of various intricacies of the game that he learned from his father were not enough for college coaches as many scholarships offered by major college basketball programs did not reach him.

Therefore, he attended Davidson (North Carolina) College, where he made a mark with his excellent gaming skills within the first year of admission.

In his sophomore year, he orchestrated a journey to become a national sensation by guiding the 10th-seeded Davidson Wildcats team on an astonishing path to the Elite Eight of the NCAA men’s basketball championship.

That event was also special because, it was amidst those games that he played a three-pointer well outside the line, a shot that eventually became his signature.

NBA: Inside the unorthodox training routine of Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry - ESPN

In 2009, he joined the NBA through the draft, picked seventh by the Golden State Warriors.

His journey since then has been triumphant, including four NBA championships, dual MVP titles, and a constellation of All-Star and All-NBA honors, which led him on the path to greatness.

On December 14, 2021, Curry etched his name in history, breaking the record for most career three-pointers, outshining even Ray Allen.

Alongside his teammate Klay Thompson, they are celebrated as the legendary “Splash Brothers”, renowned for their prowess beyond the arc.

Steph Curry diet and workout: How does the Golden State Warriors talisman remain in pristine condition

Beyond the hardwood, he also ventured into the entertainment industry with his new documentary titled “Underrated, where he portrays all the trials and hardships he had to overcome to become one of the wealthiest global athletes of current times with a net worth of more than $160M.

He is also involved in philanthropic ventures toward mitigating malaria disease.

He has partnered with the United Nations to lead the Nothing But Nets campaign which aims to protect millions across the globe from this mosquito-borne disease by bringing protective nets.

STEPHEN CURRY DRIBBLING DRILLS: FULL WORKOUT ROUTINE - Frankston & District Basketball Association

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