“Seize every moment” the camera accidentally recorded the funny reaction from the 76ers’ bench to WEMBANYAMA’s strange play

Despite a defeat, Victor Wembanyama still produced several exceptional actions against the 76ers this Sunday evening.

His teammates and observers are in shock, as are his own opponents…

Thanks to Tyrese Maxey’s 52 points, the Spurs failed to take victory over the 76ers this Sunday evening, despite two overtimes.

A great battle between the two teams and proof that Gregg Popovich’s men still have work to do.

We imagine that Victor Wembanyama will be frustrated, even if he has carried out a lot of carnage.

The 76ers shocked by Wembanyama

With 33 points, 18 rebounds, 7 steals and 6 assists, the Frenchman has been on fire for some time, thus confirming his status as favorite for the rookie of the year title.

But he especially shone offensively against Philly with several impressive three-pointers to see.

The 76ers bench will be able to confirm this for their part.

The opponents really found it hard to believe Wembanyama’s performance, literally unstoppable this Sunday.

We can understand them when we see some of his slow motions, although victory is at the end for Philadelphia.

This reaction from Nicolas Batum’s teammates is in any case very amusing to the web.

They are shocked😳🤣

Face Victor Wembanyama? It’s obviously a special moment for the opponents, including those of the 76ers.

Tyrese Maxey’s teammates were shocked by the Frenchman’s move… and that’s understandable.

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