Spurs Wild Trade Rumors? Better to Build with Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is the building block. What do we think of the wild trade rumors surrounding that? Mike Taylor’s notebook …

SAN ANTONIO – Victor Wembanyama announced on Monday he will not attend the FIBA World Cup – potentially upsetting some fans.

Was this the right move?

Also, is Tony Parker receiving the credit he deserves?

And speaking of “moves,” will the Spurs use a trade to find their way out of the darkness?

Victor WEMBANYAMA of LDLC ASVEL during the French Betlic Elite Basketball match between ASVEL and Monaco at The Astroballe on February 13, 2022 in Villeurbanne, France. (Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport)

1. WEMBY AND THE WORLD – Wouldn’t you know it, the day after I wondered whether Victor Wembanyama had too much on his plate, he announced that he’ll skip the FIBA World Cup this September.

While that is probably disappointing news for his French fans, this should ring as sweet music to Spurs diehards who would probably wrap him in an air-holed box until opening day of the NBA season if they could.

Wemby has been on a post-draft tour that’s taken him from New York to the extravagant San Antonio River Walk pep rally and press conference to his new duties as a Nike signee in Portland.

Oh, and by the way, he needs a place to live so he’ll need to make time for that, too.

At some point Wembanyama has to focus on the Spurs exclusively and I believe he made the right decision in skipping the World Cup.

This stinks, but it’s the correct move. Team France will just have to wait until next Summer’s Olympics in Paris. He ain’t skipping that one.

2. GIVE TONY HIS DUE – We haven’t seen much of Tony Parker in the last couple of years but his name has come up a lot lately after the Wemby pick.

Tony, who became a legend in San Antonio over his 17 seasons in silver and black, has become an entrepreneur, French league owner and goodness knows what else since his retirement.

I moved to San Antonio in 2007 and what struck me from the jump was how Spurs fans viewed “TP.” They didn’t hate him, of course, but they didn’t exactly revere him in the same manner as Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili.

Whether it was his French status or his propensity to complain to refs or his frequent flailing to the floor, he just always seemed to be tolerated by the men in San Antonio. The women, however, all loved him.

Parker deserves much of the credit for laying a foundation for several outstanding French players who’ve made their way to the NBA over the years.

3. HAPPY DAYS ALMOST HERE AGAIN – There is something satisfying watching all of the trades, rumors of trades, gossip, free agent ballyhoo and the like.

Knowing that the Spurs now have Wemby on board, four more first-round draft picks over the next two years and gobs of cap space, I don’t have to wonder anymore if the Spurs will find their way out of the darkness.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not crowning their butts and I’m not even expecting them to make the playoffs next season, but I am content.

4. NEXT BIG MOVE? Free agents? The biggest ones usually don’t come here, plus the Spurs are always very smart about who they bring in.

They don’t throw money at a guy just because he’s had success in the NBA. He’s got to fit with Wemby so the Spurs will be diligent on the market. Trades? Fun to consider, but … Same thing as the free agent list. Long ago the Spurs mastered the ability of knowing who the right fits are.

Why make a big trade, anyway? They like their young core around Wembanyama so just keep at it. It’s a nice feeling knowing the foundation has once again been laid. Happy days are almost here again.

5. THE FINAL WORD – In regard to not playing in this year’s World Cup, Wemby said, “It would not be realistic in terms of development and not prudent in terms of health. I hope people will understand.

It’s frustrating for me, too. The France team is still central for me. I want to win as many titles as possible with the team. But I think it’s a necessary sacrifice.” – Wembanyama.

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