Steph Curry Expresses Heartwarming Sentiments as Sister Sydel Curry and Phoenix Suns’ Damion Lee Mark Their 5th Anniversary

Steph Curry and Damion Lee go further back than just their four-year tryst as teammates at the Golden State Warriors.

The basketball players have been brothers-in-law officially since 2018, but Lee and Steph’s sister Sydel have known each other for a decade.

Damion Lee and Sydel Curry-Lee have been college sweethearts, with their relationship beginning on the stairs of their college gym.

Attending Elon University, the couple officially started dating three years after they met.

A relationship that started a decade ago just hit a huge milestone. Lee and Sydel tied the knot on September 1, 2018, before the then-rookie entered his second year as a professional NBA player.

Steph Curry recently took to Instagram to share a reel that his sister posted on the occasion of her and Lee’s anniversary.

“Happy 5 @sydelcurrylee & @dami0nlee,” Steph Curry wrote.

The sister of the Splash brother posted a reel of the after party of their marriage from five years ago.

The Curry family and the Lee family were spotted in the video having the best time, dancing away to their favorite tunes.

A 16-second clip is enough to summarize their relationship, and Steph has nothing but love for his BIL.

He’s a supportive brother, taking an interest in his sister’s ventures and her family as well. He is also the uncle of two young kids.

Steph Curry and Damion Lee have spent quite a few good years together

During their four years together, Steph Curry and Damion Lee played in two finals, losing one to Toronto and winning one against the Boston Celtics.

They’ve been through thick and thin, achieving the highest honor one can achieve as a team in the NBA.

After four years, they parted ways last year, and Damion Lee has been a strong role option for the Phoenix Suns.

Playing a career-high 74 games, his averages have remained strong, providing valuable contributions off the bench.

In a game against Dallas last year, he hit the game-winner, and Steph went wild after the game finished.

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