“Stephen Curry can only…”: Skip Bayless blames Klay Thompson and Draymond for leaving GSW

"Stephen Curry Could Only Carry You So Far": Skip Bayless Bluntly Blames Klay Thompson and Draymond for GSW Exit

The Golden State Warriors were kicked out of the playoff contention by the Kings yesterday.

Many claimed that this might’ve been the end of the ear, which dominated for almost a decade.

After the devastating 94-118 loss, Skip Bayless took up this topic on his UNDISPUTED show and completely thrashed Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for being the reason behind an early end of the season for the Warriors.

Before calling out the Warriors, Bayless heaped praise on the Kings for their brilliant effort.

He said that despite missing a few players on the roster, the Kings were able to pull off this much-needed victory against the Warriors.

Bayless also appreciated the trump card Keon Ellis who played a crucial role in ensuring that the Warriors don’t get the best of them.

As for the losing side, the media veteran sounded very disappointed in the way they failed to even put up a worthy fight against the Kings.

Bayless said that he is disappointed in Klay because he considers him one of the greatest all-time shooters in the league.

The Warriors’ star was completely helpless on the court and in 32 minutes of playing time, he couldn’t register a single point on the board. Bayless said,

“Steph can only carry you so far when he is 6 feet 3 inches tall, I mean there’s only so much that you can do.”

Bayless outlined the fact that Steph was yet again let down by his teammates and he received little to no help from anyone while he struggled to put up a fight.

The 72-year-old blamed the loss on Green as well and said that age might be a factor behind the poor performance of the Warriors star.

Overall, it was a disappointing display by the whole squad, but it is understandable why everyone is freaking out about Klay’s performance.

He went 0 of 10 from the field and failed to make any of the six three-point attempts. All he could register in 32 minutes was an assist and four rebounds.

Was this the end of the Warriors Big 3?

If this was the last time that the fans got to see Klay in a Warriors jersey, then it will be a stain on his Hall of Fame worthy career.

While talking to the reporters before the tipoff, he said, “I’ve had so much success here, I’m not going to let whatever the future happens make me salty about everything I’ve accomplished in a Warriors jersey. I don’t let that seep in at all.”

"Stephen Curry Could Only Carry You So Far": Skip Bayless Bluntly Blames Klay Thompson and Draymond for GSW Exit

He’s the only person who can tell the truth if it impacted his game at all or not.

But going by what we saw on the court, he didn’t look like the Klay who is beloved by the Dub Nation.

Even after a disappointing end to the season, there’s still hope that Klay might stay with the Warriors for another season.

After the game, Steph, Draymond, and coach Kerr expressed their wish to keep their longtime partner with the team.

According to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews, Kerr said, “We need Klay back.

He’s still got good years left. And I know I speak for everybody in the organization. We want him back.”

The two teammates also vouched for Klay’s presence in the team moving forward with Draymond stating that Klay’s departure can never be in the organization’s interest.

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