Stephen Curry overtakes LeBron James as the NBA’s most-watched superstar in terms of viewership

LeBron James stands out as one of the world’s most marketable athletes. With over 157 million followers on Instagram and 52.7 million on X, only the largest global brands can afford to feature ‘Bron’ in their marketing endeavors.

On the other hand, even though Stephen Curry trails the Los Angeles Lakers superstar by more than 100 million Instagram followers, he draws remarkable viewership for the NBA.

According to ‘The Boardroom,’ Curry has appeared in all of the 27 most-watched games in the past eight years.

As the 2022/23 NBA season approached, fans eagerly anticipated the moment when James would surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the league’s top scorer.

This milestone was eventually achieved on February 7th against the Oklahoma City Thunder, when the King scored 38 points and claimed the coveted #1 position on the scoring leaderboard.

Despite the significance of this achievement, the Lakers-Thunder matchup garnered just 3.7 million viewers, ranking it as the ninth most-watched game of the season.

A recent revelation from @boardroom showcased an impressive statistic. since 2015, there have been 27 games that each attracted more than 14 million views.


Curry took part in all of these 27 games, demonstrating that he has outperformed James in terms of viewership despite having significantly fewer social media followers.

This data is highlighted in a tweet by NBA Buzz.

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