Stephen Curry Trolls Rockets by Recreating THIS Scene from The Warriors Movie Before Celebrating Foul Call

Steph Curry was finally a happy man as he got rid of his scoring slump and in the process ended up recreating an iconic scene from The Warriors movie.


Steph Curry has been visibly frustrated with the amount of no-calls that have gone against him this season.

The four-time NBA star was clattered in the last game by Daniel Gafford but didn’t get the foul call.

But as the Warriors played against the Houston Rockets, Steph was happy to finally receive a call in his favor and was ecstatic to talk about it in the press conference.

Steph Curry

What did Steph have to say?

Steph stated: “I was just happy to get a call that was pretty obvious.

There was one last game where there’s a still shot of Gafford all across my arms.”

Steph took a dig at Tari Eason

Steph Curry is not the one to back down when an opponent taunts him and there is zero chance of him not taunting back when his beloved franchise is in question.

Tari Eason of the Houston Rockets, who is injured and was on the courtside decided to show up in a personalized T-shirt against the Warriors on Thursday night.

The slogan on the T-shirt said, “Come out to play, warriors.”

Steph elevated it even further, even though Draymond Green and Klay Thompson responded to him with an incredible taunt following the decisive victory.

“The Petty King” made fun of the Rockets bench by referencing a popular American film from 1979.

The Rockets star was trolled by the Dubs superstar, who in 2022 referred to himself as a “petty king,” by clicking three empty bottles, alluding to the movie “The Warriors.”

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