Stephen Curry was “taken lightly” by the former Warriors champion when talking about the Lakers’ ability to defeat LeBron James: ‘Without him, the possibility of winning is almost zero.'”

Another Chapter of Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James |
Former Warriors guard Quinn Cook debates Kevin Durant’s impact on NBA championships.

Quinn Cook’s recent remarks on the Captain Jack podcast have sparked a debate about the impact of Kevin Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors on the NBA landscape. According to Cook, if Durant hadn’t joined the Warriors, LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers could have potentially secured multiple championships.

“They won in 2016 and if KD doesn’t go to the Warriors, they win again. I don’t see the Warriors beating that Cavs team. I just don’t think they matched up well.” (33:19)

Cook emphasized the formidable lineup of the Cavaliers during James’ tenure in Cleveland, highlighting the talents of Kyrie Irving, whom he described as the “most skilled player in the world.”

Alongside Irving, James had a strong supporting cast including Kevin Love, JR Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, and Richard Jefferson.

The former Warriors guard suggested that without Durant’s addition to the already stacked Warriors roster, the Cavaliers would have had a clear path to victory in the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals.

Cook argued that the Cavaliers, who had previously triumphed over the Warriors in the 2016 Finals, possessed the firepower to overcome Golden State once again.

Draymond Green, another key figure from the Warriors’ championship runs, echoed similar sentiments regarding Durant’s impact. Speaking on JJ Redick’s podcast, Green emphasized Durant’s crucial role in securing back-to-back championships for the Warriors.

He acknowledged that while the Warriors managed to win the 2022 title without Durant, his presence was instrumental in overcoming challenges posed by opposing teams.

Green highlighted Durant’s ability to provide automatic scoring and relieve pressure off Stephen Curry, particularly in high-stakes playoff matchups.

He suggested that Durant’s arrival elevated the Warriors to a level where they could consistently contend for championships.

Overall, Cook and Green’s perspectives shed light on the significance of Durant’s decision to join the Warriors and its implications for the NBA landscape.

The debate surrounding Durant’s impact on the Warriors’ success and LeBron James’ championship aspirations continues to provoke discussion among basketball enthusiasts and analysts alike.

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Quinn Cook Blames Warriors Management For Kevin Durant-Draymond Green Fallout

Quinn Cook recently voiced his criticism of the Warriors organization’s handling of the Kevin Durant-Draymond Green feud during the 2018-19 season.

Cook, who witnessed the events firsthand, expressed his belief that the franchise failed to properly address the conflict, leading to detrimental consequences.

In an episode of the Captain Jack podcast, Cook reflected on the turbulent period, highlighting the intense scrutiny faced by the team during that season.

He recalled Coach Steve Kerr’s acknowledgment of the unprecedented level of scrutiny surrounding the team and emphasized that the Durant-Green altercation further intensified the pressure on the Warriors.

The altercation between Durant and Green occurred during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in November 2018, where Green’s failed attempt at a game-winning shot led to a heated exchange between the two All-Stars.

NBA playoffs: LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry revive postseason rivalry in  Lakers-Warriors matchup - Yahoo Sports

Green’s outburst, including remarks suggesting the team didn’t need Durant, exacerbated tensions within the team.

Cook lamented that despite the ongoing turmoil, the Warriors management failed to address the issue adequately.

He revealed that team meetings and attempts at reconciliation were ineffective in resolving the underlying issues between Durant and Green.

Cook argued that without directly confronting the situation, the team struggled to move past the conflict, ultimately hindering their performance on the court.

The former Warriors guard emphasized the importance of open communication and confronting challenges head-on to foster resolution.

He criticized the lack of proactive measures taken by the organization to address the feud, suggesting that it had a lasting negative impact on the team’s dynamics and performance.

Cook’s remarks shed light on the internal struggles faced by the Warriors during the Durant-Green saga and raise questions about the team’s management of interpersonal conflicts within the locker room.

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