Stephen Curry’s Perfect Date Night Sealed With Kiss While Pregnant Ayesha Flaunts 2x MVP’s Mistake

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha recently added a major milestone to her name.

While being pregnant with her fourth child, the entrepreneur and part time actress recently celebrated her 35 birthday.

As fans from around the world send in their best wishes, many of them were also excepting to see how the couple was celebrating this occasion.

Ayesha recently took to her official Instagram handle, almost a week after her birthday, to share a video with her 7.9 million followers.

It featured the couple on a date night, sharing kisses and gracing the camera with their presence.

A wholesome moment took place as Stephen Curry exclaimed “Cheers to the mid-30s” and his wife had to jokingly ‘correct’ him.

Ayesha even mentioned the ‘mistake’ in a caption written alongside the video that read “My beautiful bday dinner @stephencurry30 took me out to last week.

So perfect but I think he forgot my age”.

The Instagram story wasn’t the only way that fans were able to get a glimpse of the occasion.

The 35-year-old also uploaded a series of photos on her feed, filled with behind-the-scenes moments.

From the NBA player dropping a smooch on his wife’s cheek to the couple putting on their best look in front of the camera lenses, the night seemed to be filled with memorable moments worthy of a birthday celebration.

Furthermore, looking at the food that they ordered on the special occasion, only one word could cross people’s minds:

Fancy. Mrs Curry herself highlighted just how great celebration was by writing “Best bday last week”.


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Stephen Curry claims Ayesha as his “everything” in a heartfelt birthday message

While details of Ayesha’s birthday dinner may have arrived a week late, Stephen Curry did not waste any time sending his flowers to his beloved.

As the momentous day arrived, the four-time NBA champion took to his official Instagram account to share a post with his 56.4 million followers.

Half of the photos highlighted his wife glowing in her finest, while the other half showed the couple being as adorable as fans have known them to be.

Curry also wrote a caption alongside the post that read “My woman!!!! @ayeshacurry Taking this moment to shout you from the roof tops and say Happy Birthday”.

Along with the customary greeting, the 36-year-old added an extra heartwarming message that read “You are everything to me and our beautiful family.

The smile and the goofiness that lights up the room. But always count on you to keep it real and keep our family pushing forward. I LOVE YOU more life!”

Through such moments, Stephen Curry and Ayesha remind us of their everlasting love that continues to dominate even after 13 years of marriage.

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