Stephen Curry’s special little family moment with the Warriors

Steph Curry had a special moment with his family.

Steph Curry Reveals Special Family Moment With Warriors

The life of an NBA player may have fame and money, but it can be lonely spending so much time away from family.

The moments that a player can be with his family are the moments they cherish, and Steph Curry had a very special one during Easter.

Steve Kerr revealed that Steph Curry’s family actually joined him for Easter and had breakfast with the Warriors.

“His family is here, so he got to spend Easter with the whole family,” Kerr said.

“They had breakfast with us this morning at the team meal, and I think Steph was really extra motivated to play well in front of his kids and Ayesha.”

For Steph Curry, it was a special moment that he doesn’t take for granted.

It was a reminder of what all the sacrifices of being an NBA player are for.

Steph Curry had the chance to mix his professional world and his personal world on Easter, and it was a moment that was immediately genuine.

“It was just a reminder about the sacrifices,” Curry said.

“Everybody who is in this building, you guys, coaches, players, sacrificed you have working on Easter weekend.

Thankfully, our kids are a little older where they can travel a little bit and not make it too crazy on my wife.

It was nice to see them in the stands and be able to spend the morning with them.

It’s not easy what we do, it reminds me of the sacrifices we make, our family makes.”

Steph Curry put on a show for his family on Easter, and put on a show for the fans in the process.

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