“Taylor Swift of women’s sports” – Popular influencer marketer hails Caitlin Clark’s impact by drawing $1.1 billion worth pop star’s parallels


Caitlin Clark compared to Taylor Swift

Caitlin Clark compared to Taylor Swift by popular influencer marketer

Caitlin Clark is arguably the biggest name in the WNBA right now and expectations are high thanks to her spectacular performances in the Women’s NCAA Tournament. Now, the former Iowa Hawkeyes star has been compared to the pop-culture sensation Taylor Swift.

Ariadna Jacob, a famous influencer marketer, appeared on the “Fearless with Jason Whitlock” podcast. There, she took part in a discussion concerning Clark and why a journalist was banned for an incident involving the Indiana Fever star.

She drew a comparison between Clark and Taylor Swift, who according to Forbes has a net worth of $1.1 billion. The comparison was made on the huge fanbase following both and how the fans go after anyone who disrespects their idol:

“Caitlin Clark is the Taylor Swift of Women’s Sport,” Jacob said. “We do not mess with Taylor Swift. We do not mess with Caitlin Clark because the Swifties will come for you… the Clarksies, or whatever you wanna call them, will come for you.”

Later on, Jacob highlighted how women’s basketball has erupted into mainstream media with Clark at the pinnacle of that mountain. Jacob reaffirmed that she would not get on the bad side of the Indiana Fever star because of the huge following she has gathered in such a short amount of time.

“I am not gonna mess with Caitlin Clark because she has now become a cultural icon.”

Journalist suspended after awkward exchange with Caitlin Clark

A Sports Columnist for the Indianapolis Star, Gregg Doyel, has been suspended after he went viral for an interaction with Clark at a press conference. Doyel has been suspended for two weeks and is barred from attending games involving the Fever Star.

Clark who was recently drafted as the first overall by the Indiana Fever in the WNBA draft has not commented on the journalist’s suspension.

The incident happened at a Fever press conference where Doyel made a heart gesture before asking his question. Moreover, the rest of the interaction just seemed a little off to many. See the video below:

Doyel’s actions received a major pushback from the community and he has since apologized. The Indianapolis Star columnist will now be covering Clark’s games through television for the time being.

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