The former NBA player criticized LeBron James for pushing Bronny too hard and made a strange comparison to LaVar Ball

Bronny declared for 2024 Draft

Former NBA player claims LeBron James pushes Bronny too hard and makes bizarre comparison to LaVar Ball

Retired NBA player Kwame Brown launched a critique against LeBron James, questioning the readiness of James‘ son, Bronny, for the NBA.

Brown‘s comments reignite debates surrounding parental influence and the NBA aspirations of young athletes.

Brown‘s criticism echoes past controversies surrounding parental involvement in basketball, notably exemplified by LaVar Ball‘s outspoken promotion of his sons, Lonzo and LaMelo.

While Ball‘s methods initially drew skepticism, both sons went on to become top picks in their respective draft classes, proving their worth on the court.

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LeBron James reacts seriously to rumors surrounding his son Bronny at USCTwitter

LeBron James pretends like he wants his son to fly under the radar, but he says things like his son is better than some of the Lakers players or half of the Lakers players and better than some of the guys in the league,” Kwame said in podcast “The Bust Life”.

“Now, if that was LaVar Ball, they would have said you’re delusional

“You shouldn’t put that much pressure on your son. But because it’s LeBron James, he can say something as asinine as Bronny James is better than some of the players on the Lakers and some of the players in the league when we saw what we saw.”

Bronny declared for draft

LeBron James has openly expressed his desire to play alongside his son in the NBA, highlighting Bronny‘s basketball journey as a key narrative in recent years.

However, Bronny‘s path has faced challenges, including a health setback that interrupted his collegiate career at USC.

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Despite these obstacles, Bronny has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft, signaling his intent to pursue a professional basketball career.

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