The innate loyal nature of Lebron James’ son – Bronny James, Lebron James speaks out and predicts college future

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There are rumors about Bronny James opting for the transfer portal after his first year with USC.

However, his father LeBron James claimed he was unaware of his son entering the portal.

At the same time, he expressed that he’d stick by his son whatever he decides.

On their ‘Nightcap’ show, Gilbert Arenas and Shannon Sharpe discussed the rumors of LBJ’s reaction to the same.

As per Arenas, the USC guard may stay put considering his steadfast nature.

Sharpe brought up LeBron James’ comments supporting his son saying that it’d be “wise” for Bronny to stay put with his current squad.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Arenas didn’t buy the notion that the 19-year-old was looking for a change in scenery.

For him, the young hooper is too “loyal” to make a change.

Arenas posted the clip with Shannon Sharpe, on his YT channel ‘No Chill Gil’.

When they said he was transferring, I was like that doesn’t sound like Bronny. Bronny is not a quitter, he is gonna stick it out, he is a loyal kid,” Arenas told Sharpe.

Agent Zero then alluded to the coaching change in the USC men’s basketball team.

After Andy Enfield left the team for SMU, Eric Musselman emerged as the primary candidate, per Bleacher Report.

For Habachi, this move would be “great” for Bronny. Musselman had coached Arenas for two years during his time with the Warriors.

The former Warriors star argued that Musselman’s three-point heavy and multiple-guard lineups would assist the growth of the 6’4” guard.

When Sharpe brought up Bronny James’ potential move to SMU in Dallas, considering “they have money,” Arenas rubbished off such a notion.

The 3x All-Star claimed that the former four-star-recruit can’t be “swayed” by money

. For Arenas, he is already making enough in Los Angeles where he has built a solid NIL profile.

As for LeBron James, he didn’t drop any hints about his child’s future.

LeBron James believes Bronny James has a tricky terrain to traverse

The rumors of Bronny James leaving USC for another program were fueled by USC’s head coach Andy Enfield resigning from the program.

However, when asked about his son’s departure from the Pac-12 Conference squad, LeBron James claimed he had no idea.

The Lakers superstar also admitted that his kid would have to make some tough choices. Regardless of his son’s decision, he pledged that the family would be behind him.

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know where that came from but at the end of the day, Bronny is his own man and he has some tough decisions to make and when he’s ready to make those decisions, he’ll let us all know. But as his family, we’ll support whatever he does,” James said in an interview.

As Bronny James’ future hangs in the balance, the scrutiny around him gets only bigger. After going through a horrible cardiac arrest ordeal last July, it was a miracle that he could play NCAA basketball in the first place. As a 19-year-old, he still has a chance to improve his game and become NBA-ready.

But above all, his well-being has to be paramount for the James family amidst ceaseless pressure.

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