The Internet crashed, netizens were flooded with sarcastic comments on the Warriors’ posted Tweet after the controversial victory

Golden State Warriors NBA stars Draymond Green (left) and Stephen Curry (right)

Despite a difficult season, the Warriors hope to play for the title in the coming weeks.

But after their recent victory, a tweet on their Twitter account quickly caught the attention of Internet users.

Thanks to a new series of victories, including one against the Rockets, the Warriors are officially… in play-in.

The franchise beat the Jazz this Sunday evening, without Steph Curry, allowing them to offer themselves a possible place in the playoffs subsequently.

But as you imagine, the organization is ambitious and dreams above all of a ring with Curry in its ranks.

The Warriors mocked after their tweet

In recent years, the franchise has often found itself in difficulty in the West.

The simple fact of reaching the play-in in any case pleases this team, so much so that the CM of their Twitter account welcomed the news this Sunday evening.

But for a franchise that wants to win the championship, it’s quite surprising.

The Warriors have clinched a spot in the top 10 in the Western Conference.

Good news, certainly, but could the Dubs hope for anything else this season? Should we really congratulate ourselves on such a thing when we claim to be able to win the title?

Probably not when we take a closer look at the reactions of Internet users.

Did you really post that?

The Warriors will finish at least 10th in the Western Conference, and that makes the CM of the franchise visibly very happy.

Not sure that his enthusiasm is shared by many, however.

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