“This is not 2K”: NBA fans berate Steph Curry for telling Draymond Green ‘We ain’t done’ after play-in exit


Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

NBA fans berate Steph Curry for telling Draymond Green ‘We ain’t done’ after play-in exit

Draymond Green shared what Steph Curry told him after the Golden State Warriors were eliminated by the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday.

The Warriors’ season is over, and they enter the offseason with a lot of questions.

Klay Thompson is entering free agency, while Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody are candidates for an extension.

On “The Draymond Green Show” podcast on YouTube, Green revealed that Curry is confident of their chances next season.

They are not ready to give up being a contender and are already looking forward to another run.

“By the way, to Steph’s point, which I love these moments because they never seem to not come true,” Green said.

“Right after the game at the King’s locker room, I said, ‘I love you, bro.’ It’s like, ‘I love you too.

We ain’t done.’ ‘You’re right. Got it. Noted. Cool. We ain’t done.

You’re right.’ So to think that like we’ve done, these things I love it, and we’re not done.” [20:35 – 21:02]

Golden State Warriors fans might love the enthusiasm and positive outlook of Steph Curry and Draymond Green, but the rest of the league is making fun of them

. Fans are mocking the Warriors duo’s confidence on social media, especially on X.

Here are some of the best comments:

“This is not 2K,” a fan commented.

“Klay wasn’t in the convo btw,” one fan claimed.

“He ain’t done getting ejected and suspended,” this fan quipped.

Warriors fans put their faith in Steph Curry’s words and are convinced that the team could do it for one final ride next season.

Curry and Green have two and three years left on their contracts, respectively. Klay Thompson is a free agent, but coach Steve Kerr expressed his desire to bring him back.

“Last time he said that, they won the chip,” a fan remembered.

“Steph Curry has one more championship ring run in him no doubt about it,” a Warriors fan claimed.

“That’s right, warriors will be back with vengeance next year!” one fan wrote in confidence.

Steph Curry won’t have a lengthy offseason

The Golden State Warriors failed to make the playoffs since 2021 when they were eliminated from the Play-In Tournament by the LA Lakers. The Warriors won the championship the next season, so it might be a good sign.

However, Steph Curry won’t have a lengthy offseason despite not reaching the postseason.

Curry needs to stay in shape after getting selected to play for Team USA for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

It will be the four-time champion’s debut in the quadrennial gaames as he looks to add the only missing piece of hardware in his cabinet – an Olympic gold medal.

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