VIDEO: Hot Mic Caught An Angry LeBron James Dropping F- And N-Bombs On The Ref After Missed Call During Lakers-Wizards Game

LeBron James yells during a game.LeBron James (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
LeBron James was unhappy with the referees during Wednesday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards and was heard taking a foul-mouthed shot at one of them.

The Lakers ended their six-game road trip with a 125-120 win over the Wizards, with all of their starters touching double figures as Anthony Davis led the scoring with 35 points, adding 18 rebounds.


LBJ was his typically productive self, scoring 25 points along with seven rebounds and nine assists.

At one point, the four-time NBA champion was heard going at a ref over a perceived no-call, yelling “Call the F- Ing foul B- A- N- Ga” after driving through the lane to score a lay-up.


The Lakers are now 11 games above 500 with their latest win, though they are still in ninth place in the Western Conference.

Things are heating up out West with the playoffs approaching; eight teams are still fighting for a berth in the last two weeks of the regular season.

LeBron James Has Been The Victim Of Some Glaring No-Calls

The Lakers are in a play-in spot but would prefer to avoid having to go that route.

It’s no wonder LeBron James wants every single call.

To be fair, he has been the victim of some shocking no-calls in the past and, a few months ago, took to social media to show a bloody shoulder he sustained from a foul that wasn’t given.

Look right at me and said ‘I didn’t see a foul!’” he wrote as he criticized the official. “Man what! I give up man.

In this most recent case, however, we don’t see the foul either.

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