(VIDEO) – Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Dancing on Video Call with Lebron James and Requesting to See Bronny Goes Viral

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Dancing on Video Call With Lebron James and Requesting to See Bronny Goes Viral

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is currently facing a lot of heat from law enforcement authorities after his LA and Miami Homes were raided for evidence regarding the accusations made about him.

In this wake, celebrities’ past interactions with Diddy are getting scrutinized and resurfaced.

In one such instance, a clip of LeBron James dancing with Diddy on IG Live is doing rounds on the Internet.

In the video, while Diddy can be seen having an indoor party with some children who seem to be from his family, James can be seen grooving with a glass of red wine.

The video drew heavy attention because the rapper asked LBJ to get his son Bronny James on the call.

Considering the musician is under scrutiny for multiple sexual assault allegations and human trafficking charges, this prompt by him has raised some eyebrows.

After his prompt, James asks his youngest son Bryce to get his elder brother, Bronny, on the video call.

The video posted by the x account, Jay, cuts shorts before the viewers could see Bronny show up.

For the most part, it seemed like the current USC guard didn’t eventually show up for the interaction.

Considering the allegations against Sean Diddy Combs, the comment section under the video became a troll fest.

There were a bunch of reactions portraying Bronny James deliberately ducking the rapper.

Reactions pour in on the sketchy video

Alluding to the video of James jamming with Diddy, the comment section went off.

An X account relayed how the musician was involved in a party with minors.

The user wrote, “That dude partying with kids”, followed by a pair of open eyes emojis.

Another user also found Diddy’s demand weird. The commenter wrote, “I ain’t hear nobody asking for bronny but diddy bruhhhhh”, followed by a skull emoji.

Meanwhile, a commenter jokingly pointed out that Bronny must be aware of Diddy’s “intentions”. The user scribbled, “Bronny ain’t want no parts”, followed by laughing emojis.

Another fan pointed out how the eldest child of LBJ ducked the rapper. “Bronny want going for that shit he said Hell nawl

Apart from that, an X user summed up the feel of the situation in just one word. The commenter wrote, “Creeps”.

Therefore, most of the comments reflected the ominous feeling of the exchange between Diddy and LeBron James. The rapper is now seemingly in huge trouble and law authorities have a firm grip on him.

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