VIDEO: When Aliyah Boston and her new WNBA teammates filmed themselves in the locker room, Caitlin Clark quickly left the scene. Is the cause due to incompatibility or is there some other hidden meaning?

Last Monday, Caitlin Clark was selected by the Indiana Fever in the first round of the 2024 WNBA Draft.

This week, she participated in her first team practice as the Fever gears up for the upcoming 2024 WNBA season, which is set to begin in a few weeks.

The former Iowa star had her first practice with the Fever on Tuesday, and the team posted some videos capturing Clark’s workout and shooting hoops in the gym.

After a grueling practice, it was time to hit the locker room and unwind. However, Aliyah Boston, the reigning rookie of the year, and some of her teammates decided they wanted to do a TikTok.

The girls danced to the tune of ‘Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad)’ by sexyy Red.

Caitlin Clark could be seen in the background, observing what they were up to and quickly stepped out of the room.

For those wondering, Clark has her own TikTok account with over 306,000 followers.

She has only nine videos, and only two of them show her dancing, both from 2022 when the Iowa Hawkeyes clinched the Big Ten championship. She only posted two videos in 2024.

From Iowa to Indiana, from college superstar to the most hyped number one draft pick ever, Clark is adjusting to the new demands and expectations in the WNBA in the weeks leading up to the start of the 2024 season. There will be plenty of time for fun later.

Caitlin Clark’s transition from college basketball to the professional ranks is being closely watched by fans and analysts alike.

Her skillset and competitive spirit have made her a standout player at every level, and now she is ready to take on the challenge of playing in the WNBA.

The Fever’s coaching staff has been impressed with Clark’s work ethic and determination during practice.

Head coach Marianne Stanley praised her basketball IQ and ability to make quick decisions on the court. It’s clear that Clark is focused on making an immediate impact in her rookie season.

Off the court, Clark has also been making strides.

She has been actively involved in community outreach programs and has been using her platform to advocate for social justice issues.

Her commitment to making a positive impact both on and off the court is truly inspiring.

As she prepares for her debut season in the WNBA, Caitlin Clark is embracing the challenges that lie ahead. She knows that the competition will be fierce, but she is determined to prove herself at the professional level.

With her combination of talent, work ethic, and passion for the game, Caitlin Clark is poised to make a significant impact in the WNBA for years to come.

Fans can’t wait to see her take the court and showcase her skills at the highest level of women’s basketball.

Stay tuned for more updates on Caitlin Clark’s journey as she embarks on her professional basketball career with the Indiana Fever. It’s sure to be an exciting season ahead!

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