“We Ain’t Done”- Stephen Curry’s Post-Season Pep Talk for Draymond Green

Stephen Curry, Draymond GreenStephen Curry, Draymond Green (image source Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors’ 2023-24 season ended on Tuesday night, and the team might also say goodbye to each other.

Following their Play-In Tournament loss to the Sacramento Kings, the team is expected to split up, with the three stars, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, likely to go their separate ways.

The future of the Golden State Warriors is on everyone’s minds, and while Klay Thompson’s return to the court is exciting for many, there is a message from Stephen Curry through Draymond Green that could alter things.

May the hood be with you pan house

During a recent podcast of ‘The Draymond Green Show,‘ Green showed his love for Golden State Warriors star player Stephen Curry and said this is not the end. It Looks like the Warriors are looking to reload for next season.

Draymond Green: “I love you, bro.”

Steph Curry: “I love you too. We ain’t done.”

Green emphasizes that the pressures faced by athletes are often overlooked

Curry expressed his excitement for the upcoming season and desire to play with Green and Thompson.

After the end of the previous season, Curry announced his intention to continue playing with his fellow players. He is confident in their abilities and believes they have what it takes to succeed.

However, Green emphasizes that the pressures athletes face are often overlooked, which applies to all players, even those with titles. Klay Thompson, a vital part of the Warriors dynasty, has faced criticism for his poor performance.

Despite their numerous victories, Green reminds us that each win and remarkable game is an accomplishment. The team possesses a great deal of talent and remains a strong contender.

Stephen Curry wanted to continue playing alongside Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. It will be interesting to see what the Warriors decide for their three stars.

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