WNBA – After only 3 games, concerns about Caitlin Clark: “It seems…

Indiana Fever WNBA star Caitlin Clark

An unprecedented phenomenon on the women’s university circuit, Caitlin Clark has been having a difficult start on the WNBA courts in recent days. But in addition to her disappointing statistics, fans notice a strange trend concerning her.

Given the crazy audiences she managed to generate as a simple NCAA player, her first steps in the big leagues were inevitably going to be the subject of special attention.

The arrival of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA could not go unnoticed, as the young guard shone the spotlight on her during her four years at university. However, everything does not necessarily go as planned.

Caitlin Clark, #1 cible in WNBA?

Author of her first WNBA game last Tuesday with the Fever, Clark then signed a sad franchise record . Anything but ideal for starting your professional career.

Since then, his other two appearances have not necessarily proven to be more satisfactory, whether because of losing the ball or clumsiness. In this context, however, some observers consider him to be the victim of special treatment:

As for Caitlin Clark…is it just me or does it seem like the rest of the WNBA has a lot of animosity towards her? I know that rookie hazing is normal but this case seemed different to me.

An impression based on several sequences captured in recent days and during which the Indiana rookie ended up on the ground after rough contact initiated by his opponents:

Real roughness on the part of her opponents, simple adaptation time to the physical aspect of the WNBA… Caitlin Clark has in any case endured big contacts in spades in the WNBA so far. To see if this phenomenon will continue throughout his rookie season.

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