“You Left Your Mark”: Stephen Curry Lifts Godsister Cameron Brink’s Spirits After Stanford’s Title Dream Comes Crashing Down

In a heartwarming revelation, it has come to light that NBA superstar Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha serve as godparents to Lindsay Lohan’s child.

However, that’s not the only familial connection in the Curry household.

It turns out that Curry himself has a god sister, none other than the Stanford basketball phenom, Cameron Brink.

The Currys are the proud godparents of the talented young athlete.

Amidst a challenging time for Brink, who recently faced defeat with her Stanford team against NC State with a score of 67-77, Curry and his family stepped up to show their support and love.

Brink, a two-time Pac-12 player, experienced a bittersweet moment as she fouled out with only 8:10 remaining on the clock, marking the end of her college basketball career.

With emotions undoubtedly running high for the 22-year-old athlete, Curry, known for his kindness and empathy, took to Instagram to lift her spirits.

Reposting Brink’s post, Curry added a heartfelt message, expressing admiration for her achievements and resilience.

“You left your mark!! Job well done Cam,” Curry wrote, accompanied by the raised hands emoji.

The gesture from Curry reflects not only the bond between god siblings but also his genuine support for Brink during a pivotal moment in her career.

It underscores the importance of family, both biological and chosen, in providing encouragement and strength during challenging times.

For those who may have missed the original post, Curry’s Instagram story update featured Brink’s post, serving as a reminder of the uplifting message shared by the NBA icon.


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