A recent gala event featuring NFL star Travis Kelce took an unexpected turn when a lip reader captured Taylor Swift’s reaction to his heartfelt speech, causing the footage to go viral across social media platforms.

Taylor Swift sends out 'mixed signals' after ditching Travis Kelce on birthday night out - Mirror Online
It looks like Taylor Swift may have once again got the ick from Travis Kelce, according to fans.

One lip reader analyzed the singer’s reaction to Kelce’s now-iconic Elvis impersonation — a bit of his rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” — which the Kansas City Chiefs star once again broke out at teammate Patrick Mahomes’ 15 and the Mahomies Foundation gala over the weekend.

“That again. I can’t do it,” Swift joked in response to Kelce singing into the mic, according to the Swiftie lip reader.

Taylor Swift cringes at Travis Kelce shouting 'Viva Las Vegas' at gala

Fans immediately took to the comments section of the lip reader’s Instagram video to joke about Swift’s reaction.

“If he doesnt make you cringe its not true love 😂,” one person commented.

Travis Kelce opens up on his Las Vegas trip with Taylor Swift, catching passes from Patrick Mahomes at QB’s charity gala… and reveals his golf handicap



On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce gave a recap of his latest outing to Las Vegas – months after winning Super Bowl LVIII in the same city.

Kelce was in town with his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, for a gala and a charity golf outing benefitting his ’15 and the Mahomies’ foundation.

‘Back to the scene of the crime,’ Travis said, laughing while referring to the Super Bowl his Chiefs team had just won.

‘It’s always fun doing something exciting and getting everybody together for a great cause, man. 15 and the Mahomies, what Pat and Brittany Mahomes do for the community in KC, in their hometown community down there in Texas.

‘It’s just awesome to see how much money they can raise and how much support he gets everywhere he goes man because of how great of a guy he is.

Travis Kelce recently recapped his trip to Las Vegas on the latest episode of New Heights

Travis Kelce recently recapped his trip to Las Vegas on the latest episode of New Heights

Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift on the shoulder
The couple were out together in Las Vegas

New footage has emerged showing Travis Kelce kissing Taylor Swift on the shoulder

Patrick Mahomes gives a sneak peek of Las Vegas charity gala


‘It was awesome seeing a lot of the other familiar faces like [Andrew] Whitworth, Joe Haydn, Chandler Parsons, I mean it was a stud crew this year. Rob Riggle was having a blast, Eric Stonestreet you name it man. We had a bunch of really cool cats.

‘Got to see JJ Watt for a little bit, shook his hand, and told him we gotta get on the ice. We gotta get the boys on the ice, man. So hopefully the Kelce’s and the Watt’s can team up and have some fun hitting the puck around a little bit.

‘It’s always fun when you get somebody like Pat that can reach so many different lives.

‘And he’s so relatable and he does things the right way, you know that money is gonna really change some lives.’

Travis also said that he won the charity golf tournament, leading to videos of him chugging beer out of a trophy. ‘I don’t lose in Vegas, Jason,’ Travis told his brother.

When asked about what his handicap is, Travis estimates that it’s ‘probably a 7 or an 8’ and that it gets better each offseason.

After the golf outing was the gala, where Mahomes and Kelce even threw the football around indoors.

New video shows a smitten Travis Kelce kissing Taylor Swift’s shoulder


Travis Kelce auctions off Eras Tour tickets at Patrick Mahomes’ gala

‘Luckily you caught this one handed snag right here, because that might have taken out a nice old lady,’ Jason remarked. ‘He put some heat on that for being an indoor throw, he had faith in you.’

‘It’s not easy throwing with a dress shirt on,’ Travis joked.

He didn’t mention that Swift was in attendance, but he managed to convince the pop superstar to put four tickets to an Eras Tour show up for auction.

Kelce is clearly smitten with his ‘significant other’ (as he put it), with video showing him kissing her on the shoulder.

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