Beautiful looking family : All About Caitlin Clark’s Parents, Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clark

All About Caitlin Clark’s Parents, Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clark

Caitlin Clark: Breaking Records and Making History in NCAA Women’s Basketball – Get to Know the Proud Parents Behind the Phenomenal Athlete, Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clar.


Caitlin Clark family

Behind Every Shooting Star: Meet Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clark, the Proud Parents of Record-Breaking Basketball Phenom Caitlin Clark

When Caitlin Clark made history as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women’s basketball, her parents, Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clark, were right there cheering her on. On Feb. 15, during Iowa’s triumphant 106-89 victory over Michigan, Caitlin’s remarkable accomplishment of totaling 3,569 points surpassed Kelsey Plum’s previous record of 3,527 points. This unforgettable moment not only caught the attention of sports legends like Tom Brady and Billie Jean King but also showcased the unwavering support and pride of Brent and Anne as they witnessed their daughter’s incredible journey firsthand.

Brent, who’s rarely missed one of Caitlin’s basketball games, expressed his support for his daughter by saying, ‘She’ll look to the stands every so often and I try to give her some reassurance. I try to do the best I can.’

Even before Caitlin made history as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women’s basketball, she was already recognized as one of the greatest players in the sport. In March 2023, she received prestigious awards like the Naismith Trophy and The Associated Press National Player of the Year.

Reflecting on her daughter’s achievements, Anne shared, ‘It’s quite amazing. Honestly, it’s just been a fabulous journey thus far and [we’re] super proud of her.’

Their unwavering support extended to the NCAA championship, where Caitlin and her team battled fiercely, despite ultimately falling short. Yet, through every high and low, Anne and Brent Clark remained steadfast in their support for their daughter, Caitlin.

They share three kids together

Caitlin Clark brother

Anne and Brent Nizzi-Clark are the proud parents of three children: Blake, Caitlin, and Colin. Caitlin, the basketball star, is their second-born child, raised alongside her athletic siblings in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Her older brother, Blake, made his mark in football at Iowa State University. Meanwhile, Caitlin’s younger brother, Colin, shares her passion for basketball. Recalling their competitive sibling rivalry, Colin once shared a humorous anecdote about their intense one-on-one games: ‘There was a loose ball, and she ended up shoving me in the corner of the basement into the wall. Split my head open. Got four staples.’ Despite the occasional rough play, their shared love for sports undoubtedly fueled Caitlin’s competitive edge and helped shape her into the record-breaking athlete she is today.

They both have athletic backgrounds

Both of Caitlin’s parents have deep roots in the world of sports. Brent, a former college athlete, showcased his skills in both basketball and baseball at Simpson College in Iowa. Throughout his time there from 1985 to 1988, he earned numerous accolades, including First Team All-Conference honors for basketball and Second Team All-Conference honors.

Anne’s connection to athletics traces back through her family lineage. Her father, Bob Nizzi, served as the football coach at Dowling Catholic in Des Moines. Continuing the family’s athletic legacy, Caitlin attended the same high school and made her mark on the basketball team.

Reflecting on their upbringing, Caitlin’s brother Blake shared, ‘We were always involved in sports and at home, we were always around sports. We watched sports at night whether we would go to Drake and watch basketball games, or watch cousins play their basketball games or tournaments. When you’re just around something that much, it’s what you do, too.’ Their family’s deep involvement in sports undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Caitlin’s passion and talent for basketball.

Brent used to coach Caitlin Clark in basketball

Caitlin Clark family

Brent’s involvement in coaching Caitlin during her early years in basketball is a testament to the family’s deep connection to the sport. Caitlin’s grandfather, Bob, vividly recalled a moment that hinted at her future greatness.

When Caitlin was just five years old, Bob and his wife watched her play in a co-ed game. During the game, Caitlin became visibly frustrated with the physicality of the boys she was playing against, particularly one larger and more aggressive opponent.

Bob recounted the moment, saying, ‘They were playing and there was a particularly large young man and rather aggressive that was about to position and out strength Caitlin and sometimes to the point where he was really taking advantage of the little girl.’

In response, Caitlin’s father, Brent, decided to bench her temporarily to allow her to compose herself. Bob remembered, ‘Her father sat her down and then he said when you’re ready I’ll put you back in and she stopped crying.’

Once Caitlin re-entered the game, she surprised everyone with her determination and skill. Bob described how she fearlessly went after the aggressive opponent, executing a remarkable downfield block that sent the boy tumbling out of bounds. Bob emphasized, ‘She’s a five-year-old little girl.’

It was this moment that left a lasting impression on Bob and his wife, as they realized Caitlin’s potential. ‘That’s when her grandmother and I looked at each other and said, ‘She’s going to be really something,’’ Bob recalled, recognizing the spark of greatness in Caitlin even at such a young age.

Anne says Caitlin Clark has a ‘fun, spunky attitude’

Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark (22) hugs her Mom after the game against the Purdue Boilermakers on January 10, 2024

While Caitlin’s fierce competitiveness is evident on the basketball court, her parents, Anne and Brent, shed light on her true personality off the court. Anne described Caitlin as having a fun and spunky attitude at home, where she encourages laughter and enjoyment.

Brent also highlighted Caitlin’s outgoing and confident nature, traits that shine both on and off the court. Her brother Blake echoed this sentiment, noting Caitlin’s unwavering confidence and swagger when she plays basketball. He emphasized her fearlessness in taking and making shots, showcasing a trust in her abilities that transcends any missed opportunities.

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