Caitlin Clark’s mother’s THREAT to her daughter prompts fans to APPLAUD her more |C3

Caitlin Clark’s mother’s THREAT to her daughter prompts fans to APPLAUD her more

Caitlin Clark could be forgiven for getting carried away as she realises her dream – or perhaps prophecy – of moving up to professional women’s basketball. But she has admitted that a well-mannered threat from her mother will keep her feet firmly planted on the ground.

The No.1 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft has joined the Indiana Fever and is preparing to begin her career after leaving the college game. Preseason is already underway and with the regular season commencing on May 15, she doesn’t have long to get ready.


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‘A big milestone’ – Caitlin Clark reflects on her first taste of WNBA actionLAPRESSE

But the former Iowa Hawkeyes star still has some work to do at the college level to ensure she is able to graduate with honors from her alma mater.

Addressing her college education, Clark joked that pressure from her mother means she cannot afford to neglect her work, even if playing at the Paris 2024 Olympics is in her sights.

“I would love to be on the Olympic team, and be in Paris,” Clark said last month. “But that’s not up to me. I actually still need to earn my degree, too; I need to graduate college first, or else my mom might kill me.”

Clark, 22, hasn’t needed much assistance in the classroom, though, as she is doing just fine balancing her school work and fledging basketball career.

Despite spending her time focusing on breaking the all-time points scoring record in NCAA history, her college work saw her pick up a very respectable 3.64 GPA.



Caitlin Clark fans hail her dedication

One can only respect her level of commitment to success both on and off the court. And sure enough, fans flooded social media with praise for the 22-year-old’s work on and off the court.

“She is a strong and determined woman. She will complete her degree, and make her Mom proud,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “A college athlete all of America can be proud of. Congratulations to her parents, too. Proof of good parenting.”

“Gosh! A fabulous athlete and superlative student too. Caitlin…you’ve got it all; makes sense that you’re an Iowa Hawkeye! This alumni is simply one more very proud of you!” another user concluded.


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