Jemele Hill Speaks The Truth About WNBA Superstar Caitlin Clark With Comments That Causing Social Network Congestion

Jemele Hill Speaks The Truth About WNBA Superstar Caitlin Clark With Comments That Should Get Social Media Going


Photo of Jemele Hill smiling and photo of Caitlin Clark holding a basketball
Jemele Hill has offered an opinion on Caitlin Clarke and the way she’s covered in the media following the Iowa star receiving a $5 million offer from Ice Cube to join the BIG3.

Clarke is headed to the WNBA after setting herself apart in college basketball as she’s now its highest-ever scorer (men’s or women’s). And her exploits have earned her a deal that is worth several times the average WNBA salary.

The development has prompted increased coverage, especially with March Madness now on. Jemele Hill, still a popular figure in the sports media space despite her departure from ESPN, has suggested that networks are more focused on Caitlin Clark than they are on the sport itself. In fairness, she also noted that it is natural.

I think the media is very centered on centering Caitlin Clark in everything and pouring a huge share of the coverage behind her, which is definitely understandable,” Hill told Uproxx in an interview. “Because if she is the lightning bolt that is striking everything, then of course it makes sense to really cover the lightning bolt.

But I think the media is treating it as if there’s just this anomaly that’s come along, and all we have to do is pay attention to an anomaly — and not overall the fact that the sport, before she really began catching the eye of the national public, was gaining a tremendous amount of traction.

Hill reckons the media is touting Caitlin Clark as the reason women’s basketball has been growing in popularity, although that is not the case as the sport had been trending upward way before the Caitlin phenomenon.

She added:

“If you look at WNBA ratings or women’s college basketball ratings, they have been exploding for at least the last seven to ten years — or I would even say five to seven if you want a shorter window. And so, it’s been proven that people really enjoy the sport. They enjoy the stars in the sport, but they enjoy the sport itself. And I’m not completely convinced that the media understands the difference.”


There’s no denying that women’s basketball was gaining traction before the rise of Caitlin Clark, but even Hill would have to admit that the college star is responsible for a great number of people who have become fans in recent times.

Caitlin Clark Remains Focused On The NCAA Tournament

Caitlin Clark smiling at press conference

ALBANY, NEW YORK – MARCH 29: Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes talks to the media following practice for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament – Albany Regional at MVP Arena on March 29, 2024 in Albany, New York. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark has played down the offer she received from the BIG3, telling reporters she found out about it the same time they did.

The Hawkeyes star insisted she hasn’t given the deal much thought as she has people who take care of such things and she hasn’t heard anything about it from them.

Clark could move one step closer to winning a National Title with a win over Colorado on Saturday afternoon after falling at the final hurdle in a loss to LSU last year.

I honestly don’t talk about those things with really anybody,” she said, per ESPN. “I have other people that deal with it, and they haven’t said a word to me about it. My main focus is on this team and helping us find a way to beat Colorado and hopefully win another one after that.

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