All About Angel Reese’s Parents: Meet Michael Reese And Angel Webb Reese

Louisiana State University basketball star Angel Reese is having a stellar year since leading the Tigers to a championship in 2023 and being named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player.

It took plenty of hard work and dedication—but if you ask Angel, she’ll also point to the strong women in her life who inspired her not only to play her best but also to remain authentically herself.

If you’ve been following the LSU forward for a while, you might have noticed that one of those women in her cheering section is another Angel Reese. And yes, they’re related.

Curious about the family members who inspired her journey?

Here’s what you need to know about Angel’s parents, plus how they played a role in her basketball career.

Her mom is also named Angel.

Yes, this mother-daughter duo share the same name, and Angel’s mom also goes by Angel Reese.

Angel’s mom hilariously shared a message on X (formerly Twitter) in 2023 that young men were sliding into her DMs, thinking she was her daughter.

“I am getting some crazy dating requests from men my kid’s age who clearly by the content of msg think they’re sending it to lil A,” she wrote.

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Both of her parents played professional basketball.

Angel has basketball woven into her DNA. Both of her parents spent time on the court during their youth.

Angel Webb Reese played college and professional-level basketball. She was on the team at University of Maryland at Baltimore County and later joined a pro team in Luxembourg.

Her father, Michael Reese, played basketball at Boston College and Loyola University.

He was a star player at Loyola, and The Baltimore Sun notes that he would get pretty heated on the court. Michael later played professional basketball overseas, ESPN says.

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