“He’s Gonna K:il:l Us”- Bronny and Bryce Go Covert for Secret Mission Out of Their Fear of LeBron James

LeBron James' sons go covert for secret missionLeBron James, Bryce and Bronny (Image Source: Getty Images)

LeBron James is extremely serious regarding Taco Tuesdays, but his mischievous sons, Bronny and Bryce, tried to tease the NBA great by secretly going out to have tacos together. However, the duo was equally scared of getting caught by their father.

In a recent video, that Bryce shared on Instagram, the James brothers were seen ditching the food that their mother made as they were craving tacos. The video was captioned as “Secret mission #tacobellpartner.”

“It’s Taco Tuesday. Just got back from school. Only thing on my mind is a taco. Mom got some leftovers in the fridge, but not this time”, Bronny said in the video.

Then the duo was seen apologizing for their action and got into the car for the famous joint, Taco Bell. After placing the order, a worried Bronny said, “If Dad finds out that we went to Taco Bell on Tuesday, he is gonna kill us.”

LeBron eventually learned about it and shared the video on his IG story writing, “Guess who found out!” coupled with a dozen laughing emojis.

The 20-time All-Star has often expressed his love for the Mexican dish and also got involved in a feud with the fast food chain for tacos.

LeBron James’ Feud With Taco Bell

In numerous social media videos, LeBron was spotted asking his family about the day to which they used to say, “Taco Tuesday!!!” He even sold multiple T-shirts in 2019 with “It’s Taco Tuesday” written on it. The 39-year-old attempted to acquire the trademark of the phrase, but Taco John’s CEO opposed it as his ancestors possessed it for generations.

Though the feud has simmered over the years, in 2023, LBJ joined Taco Bell to revoke the trademark registration of the phrase and stated that he believed “Taco Tuesday” is a tradition that brings people together and shouldn’t be owned.

With the Taco Bell fiasco behind him, LeBron focuses on a prolonged rest after a grueling season. With Bronny’s upcoming NBA draft and the 2024 Paris Olympics, the 20-time NBA All-Star has his priorities sorted for now, and only after the summer will there be a clear indication about his Laker’s future.

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