“I can’t…”: Wembanyama spoke out confused about his new role after the most recent match

French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Forced to modify his game against the Pelicans on Friday, Victor Wembanyama proves that he also knows how to pass.

A very important role for him, as he reveals to journalists.

With the end of the season approaching, Spurs fans don’t have much time left to enjoy Victor Wembanyama and his teammates.

We will then have to wait until October to find the Texans, although the Frenchman will obviously be present at the Olympic Games this summer.

The opportunity for him to make progress, particularly in passing.

Wembanyama cash with his role as passer

Very well defended with very aggressive Pelicans , Wemby had to modify his game in this part.

Rather than forcing shots, the Frenchman looked for his teammates more, just to create a gap and in order to score more easily.

A recipe that worked with victory at the end, and important for Wembanyama.

The latter takes pleasure in distributing the swelling.


Victor Wembanyama on his role as a creator : “I can’t be a complete player if I don’t make my teammates better and share the ball. »

Except that with 9 assists against the Pelicans, or even 7 against the Knicks earlier in the week, Wembanyama shows interesting things in passing.

We are not at the level of a Nikola Jokic either, but we must admit that Victor could become a very promising creator.

In any case, count on him to repeat the experience, he who does not want to waste time between now and the end of the season.

Only 5 games left for the Spurs, but they are all important in Victor’s eyes.

Wemby believes that Spurs’ improvement is very satisfactory. “We want to finish strong, we want to keep building. And if we want to be the best, there’s no time to lose. »

A more creative Victor Wembanyama in the future?

The Frenchman in any case wants to develop this part of his game, aware that he must make his teammates better on the floor.

They will appreciate it.

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