Klay Thompson’s Attempt To Shame Stephen Curry With White House Reminder Fails, Courtesy of 36YO’s Flattering Confession

The Splash Brothers are one of the most dangerous duos in the NBA.

Of course, the other half of the pair has been facing some difficulties recently, but no one will contest the fact that when they are locked in, not even the biggest opponents stand a chance against them.

The proof is evident in the four rings the trio of Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green has brought to the team.

But the one thing that makes Thompson superior to even Steph is probably his shooting.

‘Chef Curry’ is definitely the best shooter, three-point and otherwise, out there.

But Klay holds the record for the most triples in a game. He had 14 made three-pointers during a game against the Bulls in 2018.

A fact that he keeps reminding Steph regularly, no doubt.

Another fact that the 5x All-Star rubs in Steph’s face, whenever he gets a chance, is something that happened during the Warriors’ White House visit following their first win in 2015.

Sitting down with Green for an exclusive chat, Thompson brings the incident up.

The subject of discussion was jump shots.

And Klay wastes no time bringing up the compliment he received from former POTUS, Barack Obama.

“One thing I do have on Steph though, … is when Mr. President Obama said my jump shot was a little prettier than Steph’s. 

That was the one win I have over him. I was like, ‘Yes! You hear that Steph? Mr. President likes my jumper more.’”


It seems like one of the greatest shooters of all time agrees with the former President of the USA regarding Klay’s jump shot.

In a First We Feast YouTube episode last year, the 10x All-Star repeated Mr. Obama’s compliment.

Steph Curry believes Klay Thompson is deserving of the praise

As the show progressed with the host discussing different topics, Curry didn’t hold back on giving Klay Thompson his flowers.

He praised the 34-year-old for his “stacked kind of form” and getting all the angles right.

The reason for this was that Steph had credited the Washington State product for having a pure jump shot.

But the biggest compliment came when, after comparing the different shooting forms of various legends, he finished with a high note for Thompson.

“Klay’s is the one that if you just took a snapshot, it’s just right here. It’s just extreme. It’s pretty. I call it the prettiest jump shot I’ve ever seen.” 

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