LeBron James Frowns and Spoke Upon Antics That Trouble Stephen Curry, he revealed de:ad:ly ‘Slot Cuts’ (VIDEO)

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When two basketball icons unite on stage, the atmosphere becomes electric with anticipation.

Such was the scene when LeBron James, the 20-time NBA All-Star, and JJ Redick, now a seasoned ESPN analyst following his NBA career, came together for a compelling conversation on the “Mind the Game” podcast, released today on YouTube.

While the episode was marketed as a deep dive into basketball, it transcended mere sport.

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This week’s Mind the Game episode on YouTube focused on the evolution of basketball. The episode explored various aspects of the game.

LeBron and JJ discussed the art of adapting and evolving within the basketball landscape, drawing on their rich experiences.

They reflected on formative lessons learned in high school and pondered the collegiate route, with LeBron sharing insights into his NCAA aspirations.

However, the conversation truly shone when they delved into the fatal mistake made by every NBA player, such as Steph Curry and Draymond Green’s threat, calling it “it’s a lob”

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The deadly ‘Slot Cut’ revealed by LeBron James and JJ Redick

In their discussion about the “slot cut,” JJ Redick and LeBron James delved into the defensive challenges posed by this tactic, particularly when facing the Golden State Warriors’ offensive strategy. JJ highlighted the common defensive mistake of assigning two defenders to guard both Steph Curry and Draymond Green, which inadvertently opens up opportunities for lob passes.

LeBron concurred, emphasizing the futility of double-teaming the ball, as it unleashes Draymond Green’s offensive prowess.

As he puts it, “Every single time and it’s a lob every single time and you can’t. You literally can’t put two on the ball.

You can’t. See, everyone thinks that putting two on the ball takes Steph out of the play.

The problem that you don’t understand is that you’re now unlocking Draymond’s superpower offensively, yeah.”

He explained how this defensive oversight transforms into a four-on-three advantage for the offense, with Draymond orchestrating plays effectively.

LeBron underscored the demoralizing impact of such defensive lapses, stressing the importance of defensive cohesion and strategic awareness to counteract offensive threats effectively.

Apart from all this, rumors are circulating about  LeBron James and Steph Curry uniting on the court.

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Draymond Green endorses James and Steph Curry duo

What once seemed like a far-off dream is now gaining traction, with discussions swirling about the feasibility of this powerhouse duo gracing the hardwood together.

Draymond Green, a cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors, has bolstered this notion, underscoring the team’s maturity and unity in the locker room as key elements that could seamlessly facilitate such a collaboration.

During a candid exchange on Carmelo Anthony’s “7 PM in Brooklyn” podcast, Green provided insight into the potential synergy between LeBron James and the Warriors.

Highlighting the team’s collective mindset and commitment to winning, Green expressed confidence in LeBron’s ability to integrate seamlessly into the seasoned roster.

While the idea may still seem improbable, the unpredictable nature of the NBA leaves room for surprises, keeping fans intrigued about the potential twists and turns that lie ahead in the league’s ever-evolving landscape.

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