LeBron James’ wife laughed at him after the excessive taunts of Benny Blanco and Max Goodrich

LeBron James’ wife laughed at him after the excessive taunts of Benny Blanco and Max Goodrich

LeBron James

LeBron James‘ wife, Savannah, has laughed at her husband after he was taken apart in a hilarious edit produced by Benny Blanco and Max Goodrich during which they made it look as though he was throwing chalk at the pair.

The four-time NBA champion actually did no such thing.

They snagged a clip of the 39-year-old’s chalk toss to a camera at a recent Los Angeles Lakers‘ game and then made it look like he was drawing on the faces of the YouTuber and the record producer, which Savannah James found hilarious.

She took to Instagram to react to the slap-stick gag by posting six laughing emojis onto her own account via the stories feature, with a video link to the clip.

She also added, “@kingjames I can’t,” with three more laughing emojis.

The edit was taken from a clip of James in a 116-104 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on March 31, during which he posted an extraordinary 40-point game, with five assists and seven rebounds, to inspire the Californians to the win but his woman was only concerned about comedy.

That improved the Lakers to 42-33 for the season as they sit ninth in the Western Conference, 10.5 behind the leaders, Oklahoma City Thunder, who have already qualified for the postseason as a seeded team along with the Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers will take on the Toronto Raptors at the Scotiabank Arena in Canada next, with the game commencing at 19:00 ET on Tuesday, April 2.

The Raptors boast a .311 record and are eliminated from the NBA season already, with them trailing the Eastern Conference leaders by 35 games.

Savannah’s important role in James’ rest and recovery

LeBron James has always attracted intrigue and praise for his ability to remain such a high standard of athletic performance for so long, even now he’s 40.

In fact, the interest around his endurance and longevity has even led to claims that he’s using performance enhancing drugs if you listen to what Chael Sonnen and Kevin Garnett has to say.

But it could also be holistic methods that have helped keep the NBA star one of the greatest and most feared names in the sport to this day as he said he gets his wife involved in important rest and recovery treatments.

“I was explaining to my wife the other day,” James said to JJ Redick on their Mind The Game podcast.

“She [Savannah] asked me how am I feel when I came home after a game.

“I said, ‘Babe, just imagine buying a 2003 Escalade and it’s 2024 and you never changed the tires. So rub my feet please.'”

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