LeBron James will never repeat Michael Jordan’s first big move and Lakers fans’ $170 million settlement

You don’t knight yourself as ‘the LeBron of Rap’ and pick someone else. Courtside arguments and disagreeing friends aside, Lil Wayne stands by his awe for LeBron James&C0.

The popular Lakers fan was on Undisputed where once again Skip Bayless failed to change his mind.

The rapper is a fan of Michael Jordan, no doubt about that. He’s just a bigger fan of James. And he turned it into a dig at the Fox Sports veteran.

Bayless tried to say the comparison is unfair as James has undeniably played thousands of minutes more than Jordan.

He’s implying Jordan’s two semi-retirements during his career was the reason he didn’t play as long as James is. Dwayne Carter Jr. countered that semi-retiring and coming back is not, “Something that Bron will ever do.”

When Bayless claimed that Jordan would hypothetically make 60k points if he still played, Carter interrupted him with, “He [Jordan] actually did decide to keep playing, Skip, and what happened was he noticed that he was not able to play.

So he went on and gave it up.” 

Other than leaving the NBA to play minor league baseball for a while, Jordan retired after his second three-peat.

He returned in 2001 to play two seasons with the Washington Wizards as a, according to Skip, “ceremonial player.”

That’s one way to describe Jordan learning the ropes of basketball operations with a minority stake in the Wizards. He however sold his equity in the team to return to the NBA.

As per the “Lollipop” singer, James wouldn’t choose a sabbatical. In fact, he’s pretty confident that James has a lot more minutes left in him. Playoff minutes to be exact.

Lil Wayne is rooting for Lakers making a deep run

We know from The Last Dance that Michael Jordan was not averse to one more shot at the championship. He apparently chose the Wizards to try for a seventh ring. Though he was still a scoring force between the ages of 38 and 40, injuries limited his minutes. A seventh title didn’t seem within reach.

In contrast, it could go any way for LeBron to tie with Kobe Bryant. Lil Wayne chose to warn Bayless and the league that the 9th seeded Lakers have the potential to win it all. Even though Bayless and Paul Pierce have their doubts, the rapper stands by his beliefs.

If the Lakers make Lil Wayne out to be a prophet remains to be seen. They’re currently on a winning streak and we don’t want to jinx that.

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