NBA – After the elimination, Darvin Ham savagely tackled… by a son of LeBron! (video)

NBA superstar LeBron James (left), Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham (center) and high school prospect Bryce James (right)
Pierre Haessig / NBA (DR) / qwik11hoops (DR)

With the Lakers season now over, many controversial issues are opening up on the Los Angeles side.

Starting with that of Darvin Ham, whose much-criticized coaching and wait-and-see attitude have just been the subject of a viral move… from Bryce James.

Even when they finish champions, it’s impossible for them not to liven up the off-season. This was again observed following their last coronation to date, in 2020.

As such, it seems logical that the Lakers are preparing to experience a hectic summer.

Eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by Denver, they risk making big changes, particularly with regard to their coaching staff and the position of head coach.

Bryce James mercilessly for Darvin Ham on the networks

Constantly heckled since taking office almost two years ago, Darvin Ham finds himself targeted again after the Lakers’ premature exit.

One criticism comes up very regularly concerning him, namely his tendency to let opposing teams make big runs without taking any timeouts. Criticism that a certain… Bryce James obviously shares:

I’m kidding, Bryce reposted this on his TikTok account😭😭

Youngest son of LeBron James , Bryce necessarily follows his father’s matches, and therefore the Purple & Gold, with attention.

He therefore also seems to blame Ham for his inactivity during the heatwaves against Ham, compared in this TikTok to the famous cartoon character Arthur, hand in his pockets.

And when some consider this repost of the young high school student harmless, others see a possible influence from his father:

Now we know it’s a topic in the James household.

I mean, we all talk bad about our jobs to our families when we get home, I’m pretty sure LBJ does it too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Would LeBron James’ alleged resentment towards Darvin Ham reflect on his children? In any case, this is the analysis that many Internet users have drawn up following the sharing of this viral TikTok on the Lakers coach from Bryce James.

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