NBA – Despite the bad rumors, Wembanyama reacted strongly: “I have responsibility for…

The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Jeremy Sochan and Devin Vassell out for the end of the season, some people have called for the Spurs to rest Victor Wembanyama to avoid injury. Categorical refusal from the Frenchman.

With a handful of games remaining in the next two weeks for Spurs, a question arises among supporters: should Victor Wembanyama be benched?

Jeremy Sochan had surgery and his season is over, while Devin Vassell is also on vacation after a foot injury.

Will the Frenchman be next?

Victor Wembanyama announces the color for the end of the season

The Spurs answer “no” for the moment, since Wemby was on the floor against the Pelicans this Friday.

And while important matches are coming up against the Nuggets or Thunder, don’t count on the Frenchman to rest and thus avoid a possible injury.

The person concerned had a message to convey to the supporters at a press conference.

Wemby on his desire to play every game until the end of the season : “I made a commitment to this team.

I have a responsibility to the organization, the team and the fans, so there is no reason to rest. »

If Wembanyama is physically fit to play, he will be present until the end for the Spurs… unless perhaps the franchise forces him to the sidelines.

In any case, Victor’s speech really pleases the fans.

Brilliant attitude

Barring injury, Victor Wembanyama wants to play every remaining game for Spurs, and no matter the risks.

The Frenchman sets the tone for his team, with fans won over by such an attitude.

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