NBA – Savannah James without filter on her relationship with LeBron: “I want us to do more often…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his wife, Savannah (right)
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LeBron’s childhood sweetheart, Savannah James forms a beautiful family with the King and celebrated her 10 years of marriage with him a few months ago.

In this context, she recently revealed the request made to her man in order to preserve their union.

Like any international celebrity, his love life has always attracted a lot of attention in the celebrity press.

But despite the rumors of cheating to which he is regularly subject , LeBron James still forms a seemingly very close couple with his high school sweetheart, Savannah.

However, as in any household, such solidity must be maintained over the years and requires some effort.

Savannah’s request to LeBron James

Relatively discreet in the media for many years, Savannah recently decided to launch her own podcast, entitled Everybody’s Crazy .

In the latter, she opens up in particular about her private life, so mysterious in the eyes of the general public, and about her union with LeBron .

Union whose longevity would be due among other things to always good communication according to his own admission:

Savannah James: We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and we agree on wanting to figure out what the next phase of our lives will look like. We discuss it very often.

In order not to establish a kind of routine that is often harmful to long romances and to keep the flame alive, Madame James has a solution:

Savannah James: Something that is very important to me is dating. Sure, we’re married and we’ve been together for 22 years, but I still want to feel young and have fun, so I want us to go on date nights more often, you know?

A completely understandable desire, but which inevitably clashes with her husband’s busy schedule.

Indeed, at 39 years old, LBJ continues to postpone retirement and remains relatively spared from injuries. As such, the Lakers schedule regularly leads him to spend evenings away from his family and his sweetheart.

Enough to limit the time they both spend as well as their romantic escapades. That said, it seems that the Angelino leader honors his partner’s desires whenever he gets the chance.

A simple glance at his Instagram account shows that he often goes out with Savannah for dates. Moreover, there is no doubt that he does not share images from each of these excursions.

This can therefore explain the good understanding that the two lovebirds continue to display and serve as an example for all couples.

Committed to the well-being of her relationship with LeBron, Savannah James would make her romantic dates with the Chosen One an imperative at this stage of their marriage.

A recipe which seems to have proven its effectiveness for them.

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