NBA – Steph Curry’s viral gaffe for Ayesha’s birthday: “I think he forgot…

Golden State Warriors NBA superstar Stephen Curry made comments that shouldn't make his wife, Ayesha, happy

Before leaving her for the road trip that awaited the Warriors, Stephen Curry took the time to celebrate his wife, Ayesha’s, birthday in advance.

However, the images that he shared from this evening on the networks somewhat annoyed his sweetheart.

Life as an NBA player comes with sacrifices that are not always easy to make.

A few days ago, Stephen Curry notably had to accompany the Warriors on a road trip which prevented him from spending his wife, Ayesha’s, birthday in his presence.

Born on March 23, the latter was in any case able to be satisfied with being the subject of a dedicated Instagram post from the Chef the same day:


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Stephen Curry: My wife!!!! @ayeshacurry I’m taking this moment to honor you and wish you a Happy Birthday 🎉🥳🎊.

You are everything to me and our wonderful family. The smile and eccentricity that lights up the room

. But we can always count on you to stay real and keep the family moving forward. I LOVE YOU🙌🏽

Steph Curry’s innocent blunder regarding Ayesha

Despite Golden State’s unfavorable schedule, Steph Curry was able to perfectly assume his role as husband on the sidelines of Ayesha’s birthday.

Not only through the Instagram post he shared above, but also by making sure to take her out to a restaurant beforehand to celebrate.

The words he made in the video he then filmed, however, clearly did not please the mother:

Stephen Curry: It’s his birthday. Health in your mid-thirties!

Ayesha Curry: My beautiful birthday dinner that @stephencurry30 took me to last week. So perfect, but I think he forgot my age😑😂

Make no mistake, Ayesha was indeed celebrating her 35th birthday on this occasion.

However, it seems that she still has difficulty accepting this age, as evidenced by her reaction. Steph would therefore probably have done better to keep silent about the famous number!

Delighted to have been able to celebrate her birthday in advance in the company of Stephen Curry, Ayesha would however have preferred that he not reveal his age publicly.

We must therefore believe that the 35-year mark was difficult to pass for the wife of the star leader.

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