NBA – The crazy plan proposed to the Warriors by Gilbert Arenas: “They have to sign…

NBA figures Stephen Curry (left) and Gilbert Arenas (right)

Based on their current position in the standings and the age of the team’s executives, the Warriors’ empire appears to be crumbling.

However, Gilbert Arenas proposed a pretty crazy solution that would allow the franchise to return to the forefront.

For more than half a decade, the league was subject to the hegemony of the Warriors, who have reached 6 Finals since 2015 and won 4 of them.

However, although the last title dates only two years ago years, the Californian franchise seems to have lost its overkill in recent months.

The proof is his elimination in the second round of the previous playoffs, but above all his current position in the West.

Against all odds, the Dubs had to fight to get a simple ticket to the Play-In Tournament.

With their record of 42 wins and 35 losses and their 10th place in the conference, this scenario seems to be taking shape.

But if their situation turns out to be such, it is notably due to the numerous problems encountered recently on and off the field. How to fix this? Gilbert Arenas has his own idea.

The solution proposed by Gilbert Arenas for the revival of the Warriors

Between the suspensions of Draymond Green and the poor form as well as the vagueness around a possible extension of Klay Thompson, the leaders of the Warriors are subject to big headaches. And even if Steph Curry continues to impress in this Big-Three which has so terrorized the competition, his 36 years raise questions.

Gilbert Arenas therefore considered the arrival of a new star at Golden State in his Gil’s Arena :

The Big Three is fine, it will stay as it is.

The reason I say that is because the Warriors can probably keep Klay for a handful of dollars.

If they can do that, they’ll have so much money that they have to sign a star like Paul George…

If they can sign Paul George and get Klay off the bench, then the Big Three will be revived…

In that case, this will even be an even bigger Big Three.

What if the Warriors dynasty was reborn from its ashes thanks to the arrival of Paul George?

Potential free agent this summer, the star winger is having yet another great season at the Clippers with 22.5 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists on average in a squad that is far from lacking in superstars.

But at 34 years old, a new long-term project would make little sense for him if he were to change direction in the offseason.

An arrival in the Bay could therefore intrigue PG13, at least on a sporting level.

However, it seems unlikely that the Dubs will be able to match the big offers he should receive by joining free agency.

The candidates to welcome him in this eventuality appear numerous and will not lack the means to convince him .

Less dangerous than in the past, the Warriors undoubtedly need a second wind.

For Gilbert Arenas, this could be played by Paul George, who would bring new impetus to the irremovable Big Three of the franchise.

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