NBA – The Lakers’ huge mistake revealed: “They will regret not having…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA stars LeBron James (left) and D'Angelo Russell (right)

After another disappointment in these playoffs, the Lakers will trust Rob Pelinka to improve the quality of the squad. But the GM may have made a huge mistake, dating back to the February deadline.

We don’t know what exactly yet, but we can expect many changes from the Lakers side in the future.

Darvin Ham has already lost his job, just like his staff, while the roster should suffer a sweep as a bonus.

Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves are names to follow, who could leave the ship .

A favorite clearly emerges after another disappointing campaign in the playoffs: Russell.

Absent once again against the Nuggets with worrying performances, the leader should not stay in Los Angeles.

Issue ? He will potentially be a free agent for the coming summer, which means he will be able to leave without leaving anything behind.

A huge regret for the Lakers at the deadline?

For that, DLo will just have to refuse his player option, in order to look for a new franchise fairly quietly. The Magic would have interest in him, but the loss would be huge for the Lakers.

The best scenario for them? That Russell extends his lease in order to be traded immediately, which should not happen. And for former assistant coach Sean Davis, the Purple and Gold will regret their decision at the deadline

The Lakers will end up regretting not having traded DLo at the deadline. This isn’t a hate tweet against DLo but when you look at the possible directions for this team in the offseason, I feel like it’s a wasted opportunity.

Despite the concern of many supporters about Russell’s level, the Lakers have chosen to trust him, undoubtedly in the hope that he will extend his adventure in the City of Angels. It’s still possible, but after this result against the Nuggets, the time seems more like a departure.

D’Angelo Russell seems well on his way to leaving the Lakers, and without leaving a counterpart behind him.

A hard blow for the Angelinos if that happens, with Rob Pelinka who will still be very criticized.

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