NBA – The US media bluntly: “Victor Wembanyama will pulverize basketball”

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

While his rookie season has just ended, the American media are still stunned by the carnage signed Victor Wembanyama.

One of them also made a prediction that was as frightening as it was realistic, about the French phenomenon.

We expected him to turn the corner before his draft and Victor Wembanyama did much more than confirm all the good things we thought of him.

Overpowered for his first season in the NBA, the Spurs pivot has rolled on his draft vintage and is heading straight for Rookie of the Year.

But in truth, the Frenchman’s potential already goes well beyond these kinds of rewards when we see him shine on the courts.

Because the nugget of the Blues is not content simply to string together XXL performances, he takes the opportunity to turn heads with his skills combined with his crazy measurements.

The proof ? He leads the NBA in blocks but also… in three-point stepback address .

However, this seems completely implausible and it is for this reason that the famous site ClutchPoints drew a terrifying conclusion.

Wemby’s three-point stepback, a new revolution?

It is not a joke. The stepback three-pointer made James Harden an MVP.

This move became his signature to the point of changing the NBA and his career forever.

During his best year in 2020, 30% of shots Harden took were stepback three-pointers and he made 37% of them.

4 years later, Victor Wembanyama (2m24) leads the league in three-point stepback percentage… as a rookie.

If you thought Harden broke the game of basketball, then Wembanyama is going to smash it.

So certainly, the volume of stepback three-point shots taken by the two men is radically different.

The Beard had attempted no less than 540 (!) in 2018-19, compared to only a hundred for Wemby this season.

But that doesn’t make it any less terrifying as a prospect, because he could quickly start shooting more like this… and if he can maintain his percentages, good luck stopping him.

He’s 2m24, who will be able to block his shot?

Can Victor Wembanyama revolutionize basketball? When you see him threading the three points like pearls while blocking everything that moves on the other side of the field (not to mention the rest…), it wouldn’t be so incongruous to think like that.

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