NBA – Towards an unstoppable move for Victor Wembanyama? He responds bluntly: “It’s not…

NBA Victor Wembanyama

The coming summer will be important for Victor Wembanyama, in addition to a probable participation in the Olympic Games.

It will be an opportunity to work on your game, including an unstoppable move. This is what he thinks about it.

Although he may have statistics and matches worthy of an All-Star, Victor Wembanyama still has a lot to learn for a 20-year-old rookie.

The rest promises to be important for the Frenchman, who will be accompanied by the best to continue his progress.

With Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, Wemby will have legends to help it grow.

And even if he has progressed in the space of a few months, as Steve Kerr confided to journalists , there is work for Wembanyama.

For many observers, the former Mets must also create an unstoppable move, which he can perform at any time in a game.

A wish shared by LaMarcus Aldridge a few months ago in particular.

Wembanyama ready to develop new moves?

But what does the person concerned think? Does he want to perfect a move to dominate NBA defenses at all times?

Well, not really. Not just one anyway.

Asked about the subject at a press conference after the match against the Warriors, Wemby thinks he can rely on several moves in reality.

This is what he explains.

Victor Wembanyama : “I don’t think I’ll get one. Just one, I mean, even in the long term, but rather a series of moves to master.

It is not my intention to reduce my range so we will see, but there are many areas that I would like to master. »

Rather than focusing on a single move, Wembanyama prefers to concentrate on several, in order to remain unpredictable on the floor.

Whether in the racket or on the outside line, Wembanyama wants to remain a problem in all sectors for his opponents, and not rely too much on a single move.

It must be said that on Sunday against the Warriors, we could see that the defenses really struggle against such a system.

A special move for Victor Wembanyama? This is not his intention, at least not right away.

The Frenchman wants to keep a very complete arsenal, just to become a nightmare for all his opponents. They have been warned.

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