NBA – Unbelievable truth about LeBron at Lakers: “He doesn’t…

LeBron James in a Lakers jersey
Los Angeles Lakers (DR)

Darvin Ham fired, the Lakers have already started their search to find a new coach by the start of the summer.

And according to a famous insider, LeBron James is not necessarily concerned.

The upcoming changes will be important for the Lakers, who will have to make certain decisions for their roster, but also for their bench.

Darvin Ham, as well as his entire staff, were fired a few days ago and Rob Pelinka must now choose his successor.

But is LeBron James involved in all this? Not really.

LeBron James away from Lakers business?

At least that’s what Brian Windhorst explains.

While James has the reputation of hanging around behind the scenes to dictate the choices of the front office, it turns out that the King is not interested in the file concerning the new coach.

Not sure if Windhorst is telling the truth here, but maybe he also wants to take a breather. Especially after this bitter failure against the Nuggets.

Brian Windhorst : “LeBron is not involved in the hiring of the coach. For years, for many coaches, he always distanced himself. »

Contrary to what many fans think, LeBron is not involved in finding Ham’s replacement. Will Pelinka seek James’ agreement before making his choice? That’s another question but for now, the supporters are not convinced.

Does anyone really believe that?

He just kicks them out

Is LeBron James involved in the recruitment process for the new Lakers coach? No for Brian Windhorst. The King remains on the sidelines, although it will take more to convince the fans.

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