NBA – Victor Wembanyama reacts sharply to Jeremy Sochan’s misfortunes: “He has so much…

NBA players Victor Wembanyama (left) and Jeremy Sochan (right)

Still brilliant this Sunday against the Warriors, Victor Wembanyama was however unable to avoid the defeat of Spurs (113-117).

It must be said that he was playing without Jeremy Sochan at his side, something he might have to get used to at the end of the regular season.

If it is perhaps not the desire not to finish in 15th and last place in the Western Conference, the stakes at the end of their season are quite few.

The Spurs have in fact already given up on a possible qualification for the playoffs for a long time. And yet, they continue to pose serious problems to their opponents night after evening, even in the absence of some of their executives.

Concern around Jeremy Sochan, Wembanyama pained

Winner of the Knicks a few days ago, San Antonio welcomed the Warriors this Sunday in the hope of achieving a new feat.

This, with a roster however decimated by injuries, including recent ones to Jeremy Sochan and Keldon Johnson .

His men ultimately too short to overcome the Californians (113-117), Gregg Popovich did not wish to communicate further on the crimes he deplored:

Pop did not wish to comment on the duration of unavailability of Sochan and Johnson.

Asked if Sochan’s season could be over because of his ankle injury, Pop replied, “I won’t know until the doctors tell me what they see.”

on exams. I’m not going to play guessing games. »

However, it seems that the nature of the problem contracted by the Pole could keep him away from the courts for several weeks, which would prevent him from taking part in Spurs’ remaining seven matches.

A potential scenario that Wembanyama regretted:

Wemby on the possibility of playing without Sochan for the rest of the season:

“He played so many valuable minutes for us, did the dirty work and the work.

He has been an incredible asset to us on both ends of the floor. »

While Gregg Popovich refuses to close the door to a possible return of Jeremy Sochan this season, Victor Wembanyama is already talking about his contribution to the past. The opportunity for him to provide a nice assessment of his faithful sidekick’s season.

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